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  1. In fact, the concept of "new retail" is no longer "new".
    The concept of new retail was originally began in 2016. The dividend of traditional e -commerce has gradually shrinking and entering the bottleneck period. The offline sales advantage still exists and still cannot be replaced. Therefore, new retail is an attempt to upgrade consumer shopping experience through channel expansion. Since then, "dream linkage" has begun online and offline.
    and another turning point in 2022, consumers' consumption trends have dropped sharply, and many retail companies have begun to digitize digitization to enhance their own ability to resist risks. System plan. Next, we will share from the following points. I hope it will help the subject:
    The data operation
    The most important resources of the retail industry are stable consumers. Due to product characteristics and needs Periodic, how to guide consumers to repurchase and do well in traffic operations have become an important topic. Fans, members, users, and order data that can be connected to the online multi -contact connection, open and integrate and split decentralized fans, and set up a member index system that meets the characteristics of the retail industry and the compatibility of the company's volume match around business insights, business decisions, and execution of monitoring links. Settlement user portrait database to effectively improve the operating efficiency of membership in the retail industry.
    Culed its own private domain flow pool is also very important. Private domain flow is not exclusive to large brands. Small brands/small stores can also absorb private domain traffic as the center of the store or region.
    In intelligent algorithm to create a closed loop of management
    In the first step to accumulate underlying data, use the intelligent algorithm platform to create differentiated intelligent management closed loops for the different stages of the customer's life cycle, and then based on different scenarios (based on different scenarios ( User operation, store operation, shopping guide empowerment, etc.) build an exclusive AI application model to help retail companies optimize marketing decisions.
    Cope marketing
    Che content and activities according to the membership cycle of members, accurately reach customer needs, and establish a complete member development chain.
    The life cycle of general members is: new customers → secondary customers → active customers → high recovery pre -loss → low -recovery pre -loss → loss of customers
    The number of stories suggests, after the pan -member is new, you can, you can, you can Strive the needs of customers by the way to guide and release the newcomer gift package, cultivate high -value members, and then increase membership rights, increase members 'loyalty, guide the repurchase to activate members during the high recovery pre -loss stage, and extend the life of members' lives during low -recovery pre -loss stage. The cycle, thereby attracting members and reducing membership loss rate.
    In several key stages of the membership life cycle, precise marketing can be promoted by differentiated services, just like Taobao's "thousands of people and thousands", more understanding customers, making accurate marketing information push Rate. By issuing coupons and promotional methods for holding full -scale activities to do a good job of customer care. Finally, at the stage of customer loss, you can recall the exclusive coupon.
    Channel intensive cultivation
    In the data basis that was previously laid, customized dimensions selected potential cities, business districts, and geographical grids to lock in commercial areas with the highest consumption quality and the best quality customer base quality.
    For the site selection, the story summarizes the following five steps to help stores achieve the optimal performance business layout at the lowest cost:
    s1-screening potential cities Potential, select the top potential cities in the top;
    s2- Select target cities: select the target city to be settled from the potential city;
    s3-Choose administrative division: View the situation of the administrative districts in the target city , Select the areas with relatively large potential;
    s4- Find the target grid: find the most potential grid in the administrative area to determine the point of opening the store; The sales of the products around the point are determined by the sales of the product sales of the stores, and the stores are recommended to choose suitable products through the number of selected products models to win more consumer attention and increase sales.
    In addition to the location, the positioning of the target customers is also very important. According to the nature of the store, it is a shop, street shop, shopping center store or office building. different. For example, community stores pay more attention to the number of communities and residential population in this area; street shops or shopping center stores pay more attention to the passenger flow within the area, and whether there are gathering passengers (such as subway stations, bus stations, etc.) ; Similarly, if the store is opened in office buildings, the brand is more concerned about the situation of the work crowd around the point.
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  2. 1. New retail, English is NEW RETAILING, that is, the enterprise rely on the Internet to upgrade the production, circulation and sales process of commodities by using advanced technical means such as big data and artificial intelligence, and then reshape the format structure and ecosystem And online service, offline experience, and modern logistics new retail model.
    It simply speaking, the new retail "new" refers to the use of big data and the power of the Internet to open multiple channels and multiple scenarios to achieve online and offline integration.

    The traditional retail, whether it is online retail e -commerce or offline retail entity, is generally limited to a single scene. With the continuous maturity of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data, traditional retail sales models are no longer suitable for consumers' continuous changing needs.

    . The core of the new retail is to integrate these new technologies, promote the process of online and offline integration, and make the online power online and offline physical store terminal form a joint force. , To complete the optimization and upgrading of e -commerce platforms and physical retail stores in commercial dimensions
    2, how to do new retail
    The traditional retail to upgrade and upgrade yourself to "new retail", the most important thing is that the most important thing is that the most important thing is Complete the three -party connection of "people, goods, and field".
    The service providers that support the establishment of related systems on the market, but many of them need to be done from scratch, but this approach will increase unnecessary extra unnecessary extraordinary additional e -commerce and offline entities. expenditure. You can look at the new retail services of a third -party service platform. Hope can help you.

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