1 thought on “Where can Kunming use the shop with packaging paper packaging gifts?”

  1. Generally, the stores that sell gifts will help you pack it. Of course, what kind of two -yuan store and five -yuan store will not be. That is the special boutique shop will help you pack it. Generally, there are many boutique stores at the entrance of middle schools. You can go and see the one of the roads and Daguan Commercial City, but now it seems to sell more clothes. There are a lot of gifts on the road of construction. There are quite a few dawn gifts. The construction road to the cinema should be the cultural lane. There are also, and the names are not remembered, but there are more clothes there. There is also Heping Village, which is not lively now, but there are still gift shops, after all, the 16th Middle School is there. If you go to Heping Village, you can go to Tiezanzhong to take a look. There are also one or two in the direction of Tie San from the Tie San to Shuanglong Bridge ~~~ Uh ~~~ By the way, there is still under the southwest, which is underground, which is underground, which is underground. There are several gift shops in the woman's street. It seems that there are a little more here. I remember there are QQ stories, folk, oh yo ~ there are still a few people who do n’t remember the name, which will help you pack it.
    If you are your own gift, you just want to pack it. You will collect your money. It is also different to see the size, style, and materials of the packaging.
    Hmm ~~~ I ca n’t think of it. My road is blind. There are relatively few places where Kunming often moves. Basically, I am in the city center. ~~
    Is I can help you^-^

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