2 thoughts on “What preparations should I do before the community building?”

  1. First of all, you must know that you establish the fresh community community. This is to put your positioning service objects in the community. The main service target of the fresh fresh community community is the residents in this community, so you can build a WeChat group This group chat is the main position of business activities, and the number of users in it is to determine a large part of your fixed customer source. Recommended them to enter group chat through holiday promotion activities or various types of snapping activities, and then centered on group chats, chatting with the residents every day, active atmosphere in the group, after the relationship with the group Recommend their products to them.
    Howing Changxing products that promote the fresh fresh community community cannot rely on ordinary supermarkets to engage in promotional promotion, but to provide them with the trust of themselves with the trust of themselves. Fresh food, not fighting for price wars, but winning with quality. Only when users and customers buy it here, they feel that things are worthwhile can they continue to shop in this fresh community community. Only customers are satisfied with the entire fresh community community can the entire fresh community develop better.
    Secondly, we must distinguish what is the main and secondary requirements. For some customers' unreasonable or complicated requirements, it can be selected to block. You don't have to be completely consistent with their ideas, understand how to choose, and deeply understand what the customers need, and use this as the center to start a series of services.
    In in the fresh community community, the reputation of merchants is very important. Only customer credit you will buy products here, so you must make residents improve their trust in themselves so that they can change Willing to buy fresh products here.

  2. Preparations before the community to build groups:
    1, community positioning: including crowd positioning, value positioning, profit model planning
    2, need to accumulate effective flow
    3, need to find the same way, technical, technical, technical, technical, Complementary community cooperation initiative

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