1 thought on “Xuzhou Metro Technical School registration method”

  1. Log in to the school's website to sign up.
    Specific steps: 1. Search the official website of Xuzhou Metro Technology School through the browser. 2. The pop -up page is the entrance, and then select the button to enter the login entrance. 3. Information entering the school. 4. If there is no problem, determine the submission of personal information. 5. In this way, the corresponding results will be obtained to realize the online registration of Xuzhou Metro Technology School.
    Xuzhou Vocational and Technical School adheres to the unity of the integration of knowledge and action, adheres to the diversified talent training model of academic qualifications and skills, school plus enterprises, and order training. Student enrollment signing for employment agreement, 0 yuan tracking service. The school attaches great importance to professional construction. There are five social needs of subway and rail transit, new energy and environmental engineering, preschool teachers, mechanical engineering, and human resource management.

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