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  1. The film is okay. Basically, it is a leading company in the mobile phone film industry. I have posted it there. The effect is really not said, it is great! In addition, the mobile phone film industry seems to be ordinary, and many people even compare the film industry on the roadside stalls. In fact, it can be seen through the data publicly online that in 2020, the mobile phone film market has reached 200 billion yuan. Thanks to the strong growth of smartphone sales, the penetration rate of smart phones in my country is only about 62.24%. This data is shocking enough, and the huge market behind the hand film is even more stunning. The arrival of today's 5G era has reached 162.765 million mobile phone shipments last year. With the increasingly perfect 5G infrastructure in my country, 5G mobile phones have become a new growth point for future smartphones. The rising sales of smart machine sales confirmed that the continuous growth of the mobile phone film market will definitely usher in a new outbreak point! At present, there is no market size of a shop around the street or around each community. Therefore, I personally think that there will be a lot of good space for the future development of the mobile phone film market.

  2. One bench and one table, one side of the road starts, and it is easy to enter the month. This is a description of the mobile phone film stall a few years ago.

    But now, those film stalls that have been widely active at the subway entrance and cross -street crossing seem to disappear. Doesn't the mobile phone require a film? Is the film no longer making money? With this question, we made an in -depth interview.

    Id the mobile phone film market?

    The mobile communication has developed rapidly in these years. Now it is no longer a mobile phone. Many people have two or even multiple mobile phones to cope with different usage scenarios.

    The data shows that there are 1.7 billion mobile phones in my country, which drives a huge mobile phone peripheral market. Among them, the mobile phone film market exceeds 200 billion, while mobile phone cases, data cables, charging treasures, etc. The size of the peripheral product market exceeds 500 billion. With such a huge market, there is no question of whether you can start a business.

    The mobile phone film side stall owner said this

    The introduced us to find Wang Zhenghua, who had been a film stall for two years. He said: "When the mobile phone film was initially rising, it was really easy to start a business. Why did it slowly scattered later?

    The reason for this is because urban management is getting stricter and stricter. , The survival space of the guerrilla film stalls is getting smaller and smaller. Second, due to the weather and season, you can stick to it for one or two hours. It really needs to be set up for many years. It is windy and rainy, and it is really inconvenient to go out of the stalls.

    three is that the "inner roll" is too serious in the current words, too many peers, and the competition is fierce. And some, no, are a lot of film stalls, and there are a lot of phenomenon of charging in a large number of times and unhappy. This kind of play stall lacks supervision, and the industry's sense of trust is getting lower and lower. The end result is that the final result is Everyone didn't do it. In the early days, there were really more than 10,000, and now it can be set up for a month. The stalls seem to be no longer possible. Let's find a regular film shop to see.

    Chen Zhiwen, the "film kid" brand franchise store chief, has been engaged in mobile phone film for 15 years. We listen to him Chen Zhiwen said: "Mobile phone film is a business that is just needed, high -frequency, and massive business. I have been engaged in this industry for ten years, and it has also started from the roadside stalls. There have been three stages in the middle. The first stage is the subway stall, but soon the industry will not work.

    I I think this kind of stall is not only low, but it is also impossible for a long time. So the second stage started: opening the shop. It happened that my cousin was fixing the mobile phone, so I opened a store with him. He repaired his mobile phone and my film. At the same time, some mobile phone products were sold in the store, such as mobile phone cases, mobile phone cases, mobile phone buckles, and chargers of.

    The shop is not based on the film as the main business, so it often takes the film as a drainage service, with less charges, or even free. In this case, of course, it is impossible to give customers a high -cost mobile phone film. It is the kind of cheap, a few cents, two more mobile phone films. At that time, I felt that it was cost -saving, but the quality of this low -end product was often unreliable, but it slowly made the credibility.

    When the post -90s became an emerging consumer group, I saw the business opportunities of the film market. "Cool, dazzling, beautiful, beautiful, tide" and personalized mobile phone peripheral products can be loved by them. The post -90s are the new generation of consumer forces, and they are more willing to pay for higher costs for paying.

    three major labels of traditional film formats -LOW, cheap, unreliable, obviously difficult to provoke their consumption interest. So after repeated choices, I joined the "film kid". This is the current mobile phone film shop. It is a film shop, which is actually a high -end mobile phone of mobile phone and a comprehensive supermarket of mobile phone peripheral products. Compared with the traditional film shop, it is not only the improvement of the image, grade, and service, but also the improvement of profitability. The profit point has been upgraded from the film to the mobile phone film, mobile phone care, mobile phone beauty, peripheral product sales, and personalized customization services.

    It my personal views, the post -85s, post -90s, and post -00 immediately after the society are a new generation of consumers who really have consumption upgrade thinking and consumption upgrade capabilities. The professional mobile phone film store is the direction and future of the mobile phone film industry. Because professional chain stores such as film kids, a professional, standardized, and standardized industry standards have been created, which completely gets rid of the current industry's low -end cheap, fish -eyed mixed beads, chaotic concepts, and unevenness, which is more convenient for national supervision and industry self -discipline. "

    In the end we raised the question that everyone cares about most:" Mobile phone film, how huge profits is this industry? " "

    Chen Chen smiled slightly," You said this industry is a huge profiteering, that is, huge profits. You have to say that it is not a huge profiteering, nor is it a huge profiteering. Judging from the initial cost and final price of the product, it is indeed a huge profiteering, and the middle difference is still very large.

    Why are it not huge profits?

    Then it depends on what kind of services you finally provide for customers. You have to take the previous road stalls and traditional film shops, which is good at charging and excellent, and charging the price. Of course, it is a huge profit. With a few cents of films, the customer is 10 yuan, and the premium is more than ten times. Take a 2 -dollar film to collect 40 yuan for customers, and the premium is more than 20 times. This is not what is huge.

    I we professional stores and regular stores, it is impossible to do such a good thing, because you have to do a brand, and because we have industry supervision and internal supervision, you dare not dare to dare to at all Do so.

    In addition to the cost of the product itself, the professional cost of our film is much higher. We operate in strict accordance with the seven -step method of the mobile phone film. cost. In addition to the film, we also provide customers with a series of services such as long -term free mobile phone disinfection and mobile phone dust removal. This is called worthy of money, which is not a profit. Therefore, whether this industry is huge profits, it is actually in the hearts and business philosophy. We use professional, services, technology, and quality to win customers, the market, and profit. "

    The market is infinitely good. Entrepreneurship should be early, and risks should be prevented

    In subsequent days, we visited a number of living in mobile stores and shopping malls The mobile phone film store has a clearer understanding of this industry.

    It today, mobile phones have become standard products for modern people's lives. Some people even say that mobile phones are new organs in the human body. The production and life of human beings have become an indispensable part. The huge mobile phone peripheral market that has been extended has become the darling of the market. The development prospects of this industry cannot be ignored. The huge benefits of this industry are made. Want to move. It is not important whether the product and the industry itself is huge. What is important is to choose a way that suits you. It is the essence of entrepreneurship. Does it feel eager to try? Finally, I wish everyone a successful business!

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