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  1. Making a dining circular copywriting (selected 65 sentences)
    With the booming social development, more and more people are accustomed to publishing copywriting in the circle of friends, and copywriting is used to share daily life and their own feelings. So what kind of copywriting will not be the same? The following is a copywriting of the dining circles (65 sentences) for me to collect and sorted. For your reference, I hope to help friends in need.

    The dining circles copywriting 1 1. Delicious dishes praise the sound, and hard work and hard work to practice cooking for decades.
    . After eating for so many years, the noodles of the convenience store, I will cook it once tonight.
    3. The kitchen is the last fortress of happiness.
    4. In the unbeaten place of convenience, do you want to eat braised or spicy or spicy or fragrant noodles?
    5. Coarse tea light rice, human fireworks, the most moving heart.
    6. The idea of ​​eating is delicious. If you eat more, you need to eat it.
    7. Step 1 to become virtuous, eat for a long time
    8. The happiest thing every day is that after a day of tiredness, I can eat the delicious dishes made by my daughter -in -law. I look forward to it every day. This bite!
    9. I always say that my circle of friends is not nutritious, then I will send a nutritious
    10. Use the symphony of pots and pans in the kitchen to meet the happiest taste
    11. I am Can you believe it?
    12. Bake happily to make the happy breath overflow, stir -fry Ruyi, let the beautiful smell flutter, and fill the dining table for a happy meal.
    13. I think the beginning of people grow up probably to cook by themselves.
    14. Looking at the beautiful dishes I made is very happy. Although I eat very little, I enjoy the process of creating food.
    15. I am serious for cooking. I am naturally
    Cating for meals and drinking circles 2 I. Cooking can calm myself. At the same time, it can bring deliciousness and health to the family Why not do it?
    . I made a meal for Grandpa and brother at noon, and the cooking skills were accidentally praised ~ I didn't want to prove how powerful they were, but ... this is the first time I cook for my family. Grandpa, I am no longer a little girl who is accustomed to. I can take care of myself outside ~
    . It is very happy to cook for my family, and my family is very good at it. It is very delicious, it is delicious, you can order takeaway without time and you don't want to cook. Children also like to help cook together. The biggest lack of childhood was that my mother had never burned a meal, and a warm heart was missing.
    . I have also made a curry chicken rice rice to cook for those who like it. It should be the happiest thing. Always have a careful wish that is to give family members, friends, and to those who like it. A delicious feeling of super happy
    . Suddenly feel that cooking for family members is a kind of enjoyment, a feeling of happiness. This is love. Conversely, I feel tired to pay!
    6. Companion and understanding is more important than love. The happiest moment of a person is to learn to cook at home at home.
    Seven. The biggest problem of living alone is that I do n’t know what the thousands of tastes to eat every day. A meal is always tangled. Family people eat the same happy family. The most commonly cherished taste in this world is the most commonly cherished taste. I want to go home for dinner
    , there are a few dishes. But don't worry, there are still several days ~~~ It is a happy thing to cook for your family. I wish the people around you have a good year, a happy family, all the good things ~~~
    nine, the annoying work for a day, and found that cooking for the family is also very happy. Sucai is serving my sister. Everything you do is too good to eat, so it is also a way out when a little kitchen mother!
    . I made egg tarts, eight treasure rice, steamed sea bass and tomato stewed burdock today ... I heard that I can switch to the restaurant, cooking for my family is a happy thing ...
    11, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, the best season. I want to rest, want to go out to play, I want a son ... I want to have a fixed office, I want to cook for my family every day every day, I want to make a variety of delicious desserts, I think about a stable life ... I thought for a long time accomplish. Separate the two places from the son, running around, rarely cooking, or drifting. The days of two people are like a person's life. I really want to go home ...
    12. The most content that makes me most content and happiness is to eat at home for family members. I can see them every day. Thirteen, "blessing" is not a mysterious thing. For example, when we washing and cooking for our family, I sent a compassion and Bodhicitta to take care of them as a fate. If we do this, we will not feel tired and tired, but will be relaxed and happy. There is a special kind of special kind of specialty. Power is inside. This power is blessing, it comes from the purity and purity. We must rely on this power
    XIV. I later wanted to cook for my family. Everyone went to the park together and loved the panda, especially when the panda wanted to go with me.
    . Fifteen, a gentle bean take stock of Nadal's warmth. Although Natto has a brilliant record on the court, the style of the ball is domineering, unsmiling and aggressive, and classic seven -character legs celebrating, but the natto under the field is a well -known shy big boy. Do not work, truly express emotions. For the famous fans and children, they love to cook with their family members to cook for their families.
    Is 16. When I went to the pharmacy, it was just a meal. There were all kinds of meals along the way. A aunt mentioned the dish and walked past me. Cook. I also saw a box of Dali Garden cakes in her hand, so happy. I remembered that every time my mother went to buy food, she would bring me some delicious food. It has not changed since childhood to now. Pass. If I am at home now, this time I should eat the dumplings I bought for me on the road of buying vegetables. If she moves fast enough, I may have eaten meals. I have my favorite spare pork ribs, carrot winter mushroom fried meat Silk, maybe it is fish.
    17. The feeling of cooking for the family is very happy ~ I drink coconut for the first time, the taste is good
    . I will make a male ticket for male tickets in the past. point. Now it's alone, except cooking for the family. I don't love cooking so much ... It's good to eat outside.
    In 19. I like to cook for their families and see their fragrance. They are particularly happy today. This breakfast is hastily wake up and puts for a total of 25 minutes. It looks like Qiqi but still can't stop my Ma Lier.
    . I am a fish and shrimp lovers, but I will not do it when I am alone. Some time ago, my sister came to see me, and changed my pots and pans, especially the pot, because I had little cooking time, and there was no concept of the size of the pot. The sister is to make food and share with family members as enjoyment and happiness.
    21. Cooking for family members at home is undoubtedly a activity of gathering popularity and adding an atmosphere.
    . Twenty -two, this weekend did not cook in the middle of the night to cook for the family.
    23. The mushrooms are powerful! Come on! Praise the spirit of the women's volleyball team and work hard for the family! It's really delicious, we all eat it. The dew and okra of that fish are very popular. I swept the okra dew, and the taste of the tomato was fresh and sweet like the dew in autumn.
    24. After I was full, I had hardly talked about the cooking. I was willing to take him out without cooking for my family. The small wishes must be realized in the winter vacation ~
    25. Cooking for family members and seeing them are fragrant, it is also a satisfaction. I like to consume things that I hoarded at home, and I like to see the empty refrigerator and cabinet. Is it strange? I cook in the morning, my husband took a butterfly to play in the park, and Mier took the Olympic class. Everyone rests in the afternoon. The weekend is over.
    26. The rice made last night, with the newly bought dishes in the afternoon, is very good. Everyone uses action to explain my cooking skills. This year, I am a little lazy, cooking less, and most of the time. I have to cook well in 2017, and be responsible for the health of my family.
    27. If you can make your family go home for dinner, it is a kind of enjoyment. It is a kind of happiness to cook for your family, then you succeed. At least your happiness is full of. Rhodonts is like this. Daily intention to prepare nutritional meals for the children for their children. Daily guidance in the group to make nutrition meals for her family. It is really full of energy. Come on, reckless people!
    28. Cooking for your family is a happy thing, enjoying it. I hope my family is healthy every day. In September, the brand -new us, for a more new future, live every day. loveyou!
    29. After a nap today, I talked with my father to cook with my father. I also look forward to a big kitchen in the future to make a lot of delicious food for my family.
    30. How important is a family who has a good cooking and eating ... My dad is not there, there is no good meal ... there is no feeling of happiness and satisfaction ...
    31. Cooking for your family But after eating, I remembered that I could n’t eat mutton. But the lamb chops returned from New Zealand were so delicious that I had two pieces left.
    32. Jiang Xun talked about the aesthetics of labor, and I remembered the Aya in the sky. Grandma was hardworking and open -minded. She always said that she couldn't stop, but she would be uncomfortable as soon as she stopped. I can finally understand her now. Everything I do for my family is happy and happy. I can experience the happiness that I can't experience the gym in these physical labor. It is the best in life. Time, thank you Ah, you have educated me for life with a lifetime.
    33. Today we have been traveling in the three districts of ACD. Then I jumped on the window sill. In the evening, the baby is cooking for the family. Black chicken soup. Great. Watching the baby prepare food for the family, watching the baby's food for the family, and watching the sweat on the baby's head, ... I love you
    34. Do not forget to help us at most when eating, drinking and playing. Parents cooking for their families are a warm picture of the festivals.
    35. There is a kind of life called family cooking and watching them eat light.
    36. If you want a warm home, you can be together every day. Everyone is happy. Everyone who will have time will cook at home at home. After eating, watch TV and chat Family, talk about heart. Understanding each other and helping each other is busy with yourself.
    37. On the field of hope. Take the children to the west of the village every day to see the sun's mountains, watch the vertical clouds, the stars on the sky, turn the iron plows on the land, and use the sweet potato leaves to make a necklace and hang it on the ears. Play), and catch up with the open -air movies once a month, cook for the family (steamed steamed buns, burn vegetables), tell stories to the children every day, the sun at home is fast, fast, lonely. After returning, Gardenia died.
    38. I have n’t cooked for my family for a long time. It ’s rare to have time to make meals for the family this weekend. The cooking skills need to be improved!
    39. Since the Anbao, I haven't been cooking well for a long time. Suddenly I miss the time when I was carefully cooking for my family.
    . Forty, let each kitchen get angry, let each kitchen light up, so that each of our kitchens will become the most fragrant Ode to Joy. A glance here. The Chinese pay attention to eating, Confucius pays attention to eating, because the sweetness of eating can reserve positive energy. Cooking for your family is a big article. The blessing of the Chinese is inseparable from eating. If you have any blessings, you have to eat. Eating does not mean the rice bucket.
    Forty -one, those rock sugar gourds red, shining under the sun, I don't know how many children's eyes are desired.
    42. Love to watch people cook, this style of painting is very rustic. The feeling of cooking for your family is that he is working hard and happy in his heart. Watching food videos seeing tears
    43. Cleaning for family members at home, seeing children cooking, because this is the object that can be beneficial within my ability, because family members are the first beings of our interests, relying on only the benefits of our interests, only by relying on only our benefits, only by relying on only the benefits of our interests, only by relying on only the beings of our interests. I can't do anything I have, let alone studying Buddhism. So when you are thinking about Bodhicitta and gratitude, when your family lifts Erlang's legs and is still mopping, he will not have any dissatisfaction. Applying Buddhism and applying in life, family, colleagues, superiors, and social relations will become better and better. Everyone's ability is limited, so starting from the parents, children, colleagues, etc. around. For children to practice humiliation, to be grateful to their parents, cultivate their careers, and to cultivate compassion with friends ... The Buddha and Bodhisattva will bless every practice.
    44. The chicken soup boiled by my mother, white, fragrant, salty, delicious. Every time my mother makes chicken soup, I take a small spoon, drink a sip, taste taste, swallow, drink again, taste it again, take a sip, taste it again, then swallow, drink again, and then drink again Take a bite, taste again, swallow it again.
    45. Everyone who loves cooking is a person who loves life, and he can live different tastes in ordinary! The meaning of home -cooked dishes lies in the persistence and intentions of day after day to make those most inconspicuous dishes. Cooking for yourself is a virtue, cooking for your family is a kind of practice. From one person to a home, you must not only make your favorite dishes, but also make your family's favorite dishes, but also make yourself fall in love with more possibilities …
    46. Ming'er will return to Sydney in the afternoon. Today I make another breakfast for my family ~ It really is a very happy thing to cook and cook
    47 On rainy days, naturally wake up, cook and eat, drink tea on the balcony, watch rain, call your family, and apply masks. happiness.
    forty -eight, a lot of things, the taste is completely different. The dead hutong does not drill, and the death is not true. Cooking for your family, I used to think it was troublesome. After some things, some people. In fact, it is also a kind of enjoyment to watch them eat happily. In the recent night, I dreamed of driving and hitting people, or they were hit by the car.
    49. Seeing where the bloggers send the National Day, what beautiful scenes to take pictures of the National Day, cook for their family on National Day, what delicious discussion topics they eat for National Day. I am sad, National Day in the dormitory, I did n’t go out, did n’t go home, eat instant noodles ... One person, a single dog outside ...
    50. It is a happy thing to cook for family members. The partial party was successful, and it was also good to be praised by the side dishes. Therefore, I wish my uncle's trip to the UK.

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