4 thoughts on “Dear heroes help do a few IT interview questions!”

  1. Answer:
    1. First, start all the firewalls that comes with your computer system; then, it is recommended to download software with ARP firewall and select all items to start.
    2. Differential: C/S acts on the LAN client, and B/S acts on the wide area network server;
    C/s-advantages: mode development security coefficient; C/s-disadvantage: maintenance overhead Very large;
    B/-Advantages: Projects are more conducive to maintenance; make the later development and maintenance expenses greatly reduced.
    3.ralce can be backup by exporting data.
    The others can't understand the meaning of God.

  2. 1. IP address binding, do static routing
    2.c/s, which is Client/Server, client server mode, B/S is the Browser/Server mode,
    3, too much
    4, Forgot
    5. All Oracle
    6. This is a bit difficult

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