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  1. I. The information service industry

    The 21st century, the fastest development is the information industry, and information technology will become the main means and tools for economic development. At the end of this century, more than 2/3 of the global GDP was related to the information industry. Global information products are increasing. According to statistics, the sales of the information industry were US $ 237 billion in 1982, US $ 400 billion in 1985, US $ 470 billion in 1988, and US $ 640 billion in 1995. By 2000, it was about $ 1 trillion, becoming the world's largest industry.

    In China, the history of the information service industry has been more than 20 years. But the number of personnel is not large. There are only one or two thousand large cities consulting companies, and there are less than 10,000 people. In recent years, the information service industry has developed rapidly in both depth and breadth. In 1998, there were more than 80,000 information service industries and more than 1100 million personnel. It is estimated that by 20xx, employment staff in information services in my country will reach 709 million.

    1. The potential demand for huge domestic market will drive the information service industry to maintain a continuous and rapid development momentum in the future.

    2. Due to the technical and economic characteristics of the industry, the competitiveness of the domestic market will be the pattern of oligopoly monopoly (after the industry reorganization with China Telecom spin -off as the main line, my country currently has a total of communications operating enterprises 7 in China. 7 Home: China Telecom, China Mobile, China Satellite Communications, China Unicom, China Netcom, China Jitong, Tietong Company), this market pattern will keep the industry a higher level of profitability.

    3. In terms of international competition, the industry does not have trade availability, and international competition can only be carried out through the direct investment of multinational companies. At present, my country's administrative control of the industry is very high. Multinational companies need to enter the Chinese market through direct investment. It is estimated that a longer -term gradual process is required, and it can only adopt a joint venture with existing domestic enterprises to enter the Chinese market.

    It estimates that the domestic telecommunications service industry will remain rapidly developing in the future, but the internal structure will present the following characteristics: the development speed of fixed telephones will slow down, and the target market will be mainly based on the rural market; telecommunications will be mainly; Consumption will undergo structural changes. The proportion of fixed telephone business has decreased, mobile communication and data communication consumption rises, and the growth rate is much higher than the fixed telephone business.

    . The cultural media industry

    1. At present, in my country, the cultural media industry is a typical rising industry. From the perspective of development trends, it is also a high -income elastic industry. In my country's cultural media industry, it can only be said to be in the early stages of development. The future market space is very large. It can support the industry to maintain a high development speed in a long period of time and have great development potential.

    . Although the technical and capital entry barriers in the cultural media industry are not high, the industry's control level is high, and the policy of policy entry is large. Therefore, the industry can generally get higher and and More stable income.

    . The marketization of my country's cultural media industry is not high, but marketization is a trend. In the process of marketization, Chinese companies may face increasingly western multinational companies in the West. Enter the pressure. Due to the obvious market characteristics of the industry, and industries with a high degree of government control in countries around the world, the cultural and media industry in the world, so in the domestic market, Chinese companies will not be in a disadvantage of competition.

    . Tourism

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, China's international tourism and domestic tourism industry have become more prosperous and developed. In 1997, the number of tourists in China reached 70 million, and tourism revenue was 80 billion yuan. The development of tourism not only increases China's non -trade foreign exchange income, enhances the friendship between the Chinese people and the people of all countries in the world, but also promotes China's opening up, opened up a new way of employment, and has a positive role in improving national quality. Essence According to statistics, by 20xx, international tourists around the world will reach 91 billion, and tourism employees will be 3.7 billion yuan, and the output value will be 1.5 billion US dollars. The number of Chinese tourists reaches 200 million and 27 million tourism employees, which are industries with a large number of employment in China.

    1. The tourism industry is a typical high -income elastic industry, that is, with the development of the economy and the improvement of the people's income level, the proportion of tourism consumption in the total consumption of people will gradually increase, and people's income will be increasing. More parts will be put into tourism. Therefore, once a country's economic development is solved, the problem of food and saturation of ordinary people will be determined, and the tourism industry will enter a rapid development track.

    It, under the current level of economic development and consumption structure in my country, the tourism industry has entered a period of rapid development. From the perspective of the development of my country's tourism market, the tourism industry is still in development in my country. In the early stage, the current momentum of rapid development will continue.

    . The regional characteristics of the tourism market are very obvious. It belongs to the competitive industry in the region, and the obstacles are not high. Therefore, the domestic tourism industry generally does not face foreign competitors or multinational companies. Big competition


    3. Although the tourism industry grows very well, due to the low entry obstacles, the competition is fierce, the profitability is generally not very high, but the situation of various industries and enterprises within the tourism industry is different. It is recommended that investors pay attention to companies with obvious advantages in the industry's internal tourism resources and tourism networks.

    . The financial industry

    1. The financial industry includes insurance, banking, securities and trust investment. The financial industry is also a typical high -income elastic industry. With the improvement of the development level of the national economy and the gradual growth of people's income, the financial industry will also develop rapidly. From the perspective of my country's economic development trend, the potential market of the financial industry is large, and the development of the industry is very large.

    . Due to the characteristics of the industry, the development trend of the financial industry competition pattern will inevitably present a structure of monopoly competition, and the policy of entry into the industry's characteristics is relatively high. Therefore, overall, the financial industry is an industry with strong profitability.

    3. The international competition of the financial industry is conducted through the direct investment of multinational financial companies. At present, my country's financial companies are generally competitive than the Western financial multinational companies. However, my country has a high degree of administrative control in the industry (any country's control over the industry is stricter than general competitive industries). Foreign multinational financial companies enter the Chinese market through direct investment. The process, and generally adopts a joint venture with existing domestic enterprises into the Chinese financial industry.

    . The biopharmaceutical industry

    In the early 21st century, China will further develop medical and biological engineering. The focus of work will gradually shift from prevention of medicine to the research and popularization of health medicine. It is predicted that at the end of the 21st century, China ’s employment developed by health care and health care and biomedical engineering reached 12 million; the number of people in 20xx will increase to 15 million.

    The medical occupation refers to an industry that is related to the treatment and prevention of diseases. Persons engaged in the industry must be trained by regular colleges and obtained experience under the guidance of experts.

    At present, China has broken through a single form of secondary school education and forms a multi -level and multi -channel nursing education system suitable for China's national conditions. Graduates from high school can get nursing secondary schools and university colleges. Nurses can continue to study, pass the national exam, obtain a college or bachelor's degree, and can also pass the examination assessment to be promoted to nurses and supervisors. job title.

    1. With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to their own health and give more and more investment. Biopharmaceuticals are drugs made by the basic material of life. They have the characteristics of strong targeted, low side effects, and easy to absorb the human body. Especially in treating diseases that seriously endanger human health and life, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tumors and virus diseases It is welcomed, so biopharmaceuticals have very broad development space.

    2. The technical content of the biopharmaceutical industry is high, and the added value of the product is very large. Therefore, although the domestic market competition in the industry is relatively fierce, as long as a company can successfully develop new products and is recognized by consumers, the company will get a high level of profitability.

    . From the perspective of the international competition situation of the biopharmaceutical industry, although we generally look behind in developed countries, especially in terms of scientific research investment and new product development, we should say that Chinese enterprises are also compared Not in obvious competition disadvantages. There are two main reasons for this: on the one hand, compared with foreign products, my country's biopharmaceuticals have obvious price advantages, and lower prices are conducive to widespread clinical use. On the other hand, due to the particularity of drugs, regardless of the particularity Whether international trade or cross -border investment, the government has strict control policies for it.

    . The new material industry

    1. The new material industry has a great market prospect; first, due to technological progress and the development of emerging industries, some new materials are relative to traditional materials compared to traditional In terms of materials, it has obvious advantages in terms of performance and cost; second, for the consideration of environmental protection and resource restrictions, some new materials have a greater advantage.

    . The scope of the new material industry is relatively wide, including rare earth, magnetic materials, diamond materials, new energy materials, special ceramic materials, optoelectronics, information materials, intelligent materials, and biomedical materials. In addition to the a few of these industries that have resources, most of them are competitive industries. Despite fierce competition, due to the high technical content of these industries and high value of products, most companies' profitability is relatively high.

    For new material industries with a wide range of design scope, we believe that two types of companies are worthy of investors' attention: first, companies with obvious advantages in resource possession; second, technological development has obvious advantages enterprise.

    7. Information technology product manufacturing

    1. Including component manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and software industries. With the rapid development of technological progress and the development of the communications industry, in recent years, the market demand of most information technology products has maintained high speeds, and this trend will continue in the next few years. At present, the industry is my country's manufacturing industry. One of the few industries that are in short supply, there is a lot of room for market development.

    2. At present, overall, compared with Western multinational companies in my country, the technical level is low, the research and development capabilities are weak, and the production and processing technology is relatively backward. Controld by multinational companies. However, in the long run, this situation will be changed. The reason: First, after years of development and cooperation with international manufacturers, the distance between the technical level of domestic enterprises and the international advanced level is approaching, and the technical technology of independent intellectual property rights is endless; the second is that the out of this is that the out of this is that the emergence is out. In consideration of national information security, policies tend to use domestic equipment; third, in the state of administrative monopoly, the domestic telecommunications industry is not sensitive to the price of equipment, which makes the price advantage of domestic equipment cannot be reflected. Communication operators are increasingly paying attention to the performance price ratio of the selected equipment, and domestic equipment has an advantage in this regard.

    . The information technology product manufacturing industry is not only a high -tech industry, but also an industry with monopoly competition. Therefore, it is also an industry with strong profitability. According to this characteristic, investors can focus on some companies with strong technical levels and strong research and development capabilities.

    8. Real estate

    1. Real estate is a periodic industry. Its development is closely related to the economic growth of the country and the level of local economic development. Economic development barometer. After nearly six years of adjustment, in the second half of 1999, my country's real estate industry came out of the trough and began to enter a new prosperity cycle. It is expected that the real estate industry in my country will be in the rising period of a new prosperity cycle in the next few years. In the real estate market during the prosperity cycle, companies in this industry can generally get a higher level of profit.

    2. Real estate is an industry supported by the government. It has been listed as a pillar industry and regarded as a new economic growth point. It has introduced a series of policies to support the real estate industry, especially the residential industry develop. It is increasing the reform of the housing system to stimulate the real estate consumer market.

    . The real estate market has obvious regional characteristics. It is a monopoly competitive market in the region. Investors can focus on the regional brand with obvious brands and a certain degree of monopoly.

    . The aviation industry

    1. Over the years, the international aviation market has maintained a strong growth momentum. my country has been regarded as the largest aviation market in the world in the future. The development of my country's aviation industry has huge market prospects.

    2. Compared with developed countries, my country's aviation industry is relatively weak. However, in recent years, in the field of civil aircraft manufacturing, Chinese companies have cooperated with some famous aircraft manufacturers in the world; some advanced military aircraft have been introduced; develop.

    It can be said that the gap between my country and the Western developed countries is narrowing, and my country's aviation industry has a good foundation for rapid development.

    3. The rapid development of world aviation power and the many realistic problems faced by our country are forcing my country to accelerate its own aviation industry. This is the case for civil products and military products. This is A major strategic issue that is related to national security has attracted great attention from the government, and the government will also give greater support.

    . The automobile manufacturing industry

    1. From the current level of economic development in my country, changes in consumer structure, and infrastructure construction such as highways, my country is about to enter a one During the rapid growth of automobile demand, it can be said that my country is now the largest potential car market in the world, and this potential market is gradually developing into a real market.

    2. The automotive industry has been clearly explicitly developed by my country's needs to develop vigorously, and has been strongly supported by national industrial policies.

    . In terms of worldwide, the automotive industry is a typical oligopoly monopoly industry. At present, my country's auto companies and some multinational automobile companies are relatively weak. It will face a lot of competitive pressure and also face good development opportunities.

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