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  1. Mr. Zhang Chao, who has entered the US hair industry for nearly 20 years, has founded Qipinmei Group with more than 500 employees. National senior hairdressing and national hairdressing examiners
    The newly female newspaper and Chongqing "New Women's Daily" and "Chongqing Pao" interviewed Mr. Zhang Chao
    Director of Beauty and Beauty Distribution Industry Association
    2009 The excellent self -permeability of the beauty hair industry
    The first China (Chongqing) Beauty Industry Expo and the 3rd Beautiful Chongqing Fashion Culture Festival were awarded 2009 outstanding figures;
    reform and opening up Thirty years of Chinese beauty and beauty industry merits;
    This of the Top Ten Men of Men in the Cosmetic Beauty Council of the Chongqing Municipal Chamber of Commerce Beauty Beauty Chamber of Commerce! Qipin Meiye Group -Deputy General Manager
    Diao Shiling, general manager of Chongqing Branch.
    After graduating from college, she entered the company as assistant to the general manager in 2007. From a university student who knows the hair industry, she has transformed into a knowledge -knowledge. Although it is usually a little severe, she is worried about the company. After continuous learning and improvement of professional knowledge, he was promoted to the deputy president of the group in 2008 and won the 2008 Best Contribution Award. Become a member of the core leadership team.
    "hard work, forge, and self -discipline" is the only rule for her to promote her progress! Taking the job is to be a career, the employees are regarded as the family, and the Qi Pin is regarded as life, and it is ideal to fight for the happiness of 400 employees and families!
    2010 promoted to the general manager of Qipin Mei Industry Health Celebration Branch!
    Qipin Mei Industry Group — Deputy President
    Liu Jinhu's current position: Beauty Deputy President
    In August 2009, he entered Qipin as the Deputy Personnel of Personnel N September 2009 to take over the Qipin Beauty Department Meimei in September 2009 Famous Club
    In March 2010, we took over the Qipin Beauty Department of Cosmetic Department
    The style of doing things: Speaking of
    For a newly developed business project, under the leadership of Vice President Liu, after the future, Continuous innovation and improvement, now a batch of beauty teams that integrate technologies, sales, and management elites have been established, and in the first quarter of 2011, they created a 400%increase in beauty performance in the same period, creating another miracle of Qi Pin!
    Qipin Beauty Group -President of Beauty and Hairdressing School
    Wu Yongchao: Qi Pin Beauty Beauty Beauty Vocational Training School President, Director of Qi Pinmei Technology Technology Department. He has studied in many hairdressing colleges and universities in China, and worked in many domestic top SALON in China. He has been invited to designate stylists for Chongqing TV hosts. Creative awards and other top -level honors. He is humble and friendly, humorous and intelligent, and he continues to pursue perfection and excellence in his work; in the team building and subordinate training, strive to promise integrity to do it, the speed of the first speed is It is a deep education, creating a high -quality learning environment for each student, and providing a platform for the employment development of each student. In the 11 years of Qipin Meimei, he confirmed countless miracles from the most common hairstyle to store manager, shareholder, deputy president, principal, and along the way! This is the result of his efforts and persistence and continuous learning.
    Qipinmei Group -Deputy President of the Operation Department
    Name: Hou Yuanlin
    The current position: Qi Pinmei Industry Operation Department Director
    Personal resume: Entering the company for hairstyle in August 2002, entered the company for hairstyle. Division
    2004 as the manager of the Cultural Palace Store
    2007 as the manager of the area of ​​the area n2010 Ren Qipin Mei Industry Operation Department Deputy President
    result. Life belief: perseverance, will eventually gain abundance, and adults can finally reach themselves. Under the leadership of Vice President Hou, all of our direct -operated stores adhering to the "big love, gratitude, and paying" Qipin corporate culture, and strive to be the beauty of customers, enjoy the ultimate taste of Qi Pin for customers, and continue to break through innovation. Winning the praise of more than 100,000 registered members of Qipin!
    Qipinmei Group -Deputy President
    Cao Yong: Deputy President of the Company.
    one of the shareholders of the company, from ordinary hair stylists to governing managers. The handsome appearance, the gentleman's temperament, the supermodel -like figure, the celebrity master in Qipinmei!
    2009, the company cooperated with the company to open the first store of Qipin Feixiu brand, invested nearly 2 million!
    Qipinmei Group — Deputy Chief
    Xiao Yan: In the 6 years of the company's deputy chief Qi Pin, he started from an ordinary shampooing technician, to the store commander, flagship store shareholder, and later promoted to the manager to become manager. , Deputy President, she has a strong learning ability and tenacious hard work, and once created more than 70,000 performance in a single store in Chongqing's hairdressing stores in Chongqing! Become a miracle in the industry! She has made a huge contribution to her career, and she has also won a wonderful life!
    Qi Pinmei has created the world's ultimate taste of beauty groups, adding glory to the Chinese beauty industry.

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