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  1. The Articles of Association of Nanjing Software Industry Association
    The first rules of chapter
    The name of the first association is:
    Chinese: Nanjing Software Industry Material Association
    n English abbreviation: NSIA.
    The 2 Nanjing Software Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the association) is the high school, scientific research institutes, and enterprises engaged in software research and development, production and sales, technical services and training, and industry management in Nanjing The regional and non -profit social group legal person registered by public institutions and individuals, and registered by Nanjing social group management agencies.
    3 The purpose of this Association is to strengthen the connection and exchanges between departments, units and individuals related to the software industry in Nanjing; promote the research and development, production and sales, application promotion, technical services, and industry management of the software industry Collaborate and develop, give full play to the role of the association in market survey, information exchange, consultation and evaluation, industry self -discipline, intellectual property protection, qualification identification, policy research and other aspects, promote the rapid development of the software industry and computer applications in Nanjing, promote the national economy and The process of social informationization contributes to the local economic development and technological progress of Nanjing.
    The associations to abide by the constitution, laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, implement relevant national policies and policies, abide by social morality, and abide by the relevant provisions of professional ethics and industry and community.
    The competent department of the association is Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau, and the community registration management organs are Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau.
    The business guidance and supervision and management of Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau and Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau.
    It's residence of the Association is located at Nanjing Science and Technology Center, 118 Chengxian Street, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.
    If Chapter 2 Business Scope
    Article 6 The business scope of the Nanjing Software Industry Association includes:
    (1) The association is a bridge and bond between the government and enterprises. The association hosted the commissioned tasks of the relevant government departments, organized investigations and research, discussed the common concern of the software industry, and reflected the requirements and opinions of the software industry to the relevant government departments, formulated rules, contracts, and maintained the status and legitimate rights and interests of the software industry. ;
    (2) Organizing the technical exchanges, cooperation, promotion and paid transfer of the software industry to promote the industrialization of the technical achievements of members' units, and then promote the development of the software industry in Nanjing;
    (3) Organization The promotion and application of computer information technology in traditional industries and various fields focuses on pilot demonstrations. Hold various technical training and lectures, carry out technical consulting and technical services;
    (4) Organization and organization participating in related technology and product trading, exhibitions, technical reports, product promotion meetings, etc. Social activities, displaying and promoting technical achievements and products based on member units, and improve the industrialization of related technical achievements and the market competitiveness of products;
    (5) Accepting entrustment of relevant departments and units to organize membership units to participate in major Project demonstration, implementation and acceptance and appraisal;
    (6) Organize member units to study relevant regulations, policies and regulations of provinces and municipalities, exchange technology development and industrialization experience, improve the technological innovation capabilities and industrialization level of member units ;
    (7) Accept the entrustment of relevant government departments, participate in the research on technology and industrial policy, and participate in the formulation of relevant policies and opinions to promote industrial development;
    (8) In accordance with relevant regulations or entrustment, organize the software industry Products and corporate identification, results evaluation and appraisal, copyright registration agency, project assessment and other intermediaries;
    (9) organize editing and publishing conferences, clubs and related books and information;
    (10) accepting government related government related government The department commissioned to be responsible for the statistical work of the sixth and annual
    of Nanjing's software industry;
    (11) Other businesses permitted by national laws and regulations.
    Ilvagant members
    Se 7 Members of the Association are divided into two types: unit members and individual members.
    It applying to the members of the Association must have the following conditions:
    (1) Acknowledge the articles of association;
    (2) the willingness to join the Association;
    (3) It has a certain impact in the business field of this Association;
    (4) Other conditions stipulated by the association.
    The procedures for the membership of the membership of the member
    (1) Submit the application for the admission; (3) The council is issued by the council.
    The members to enjoy the following rights:
    (1) The right to election, the right to vote for the association;
    (2) Participate in the activities of the Association; The priority service rights of this group;
    (4) the right to criticize and supervise the work of the group;
    (5) Volunteer and retreat for freedom; Article 11 Members fulfill the following obligations :
    (1) Comply with the articles of association of the association;
    (2) Implement the resolutions of the association;
    (3) safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the association; The work;
    (5) pay the meeting fee in accordance with regulations;
    (6) reflect the situation to the Association and provide relevant information;
    (7) Complete other matters stipulated by the association.
    The membership of the membership shall notify the association in writing and return the membership certificate. If a member does not pay the fare or does not participate in the activities of the Association for 2 years, it is deemed to be automatically withdrawn.
    The members of Article 13 If a member has serious violations of this charter, the manager's council or the executive council votes and approves it to be removed.
    It chapter 4 Organization
    It the highest power agency of the Association is a member congress. The authority of the member congress is:
    (1) formulate and modify the articles of association;
    (2) election and dismissal director;
    (3) review the work report and financial report of the council;
    (4) Determine the termination of matters;
    (5) Determine other major matters.
    The member representatives of the member representatives must be held to be held by the membership congress of more than 2/3. The resolution must be effective after more than half of the membership representatives.
    The first four years of the member congress. If it is necessary to be re -elected in advance or postponed, it must be approved by the council to report to the competent business department for review and approve the approval of the community registration management organs. But the longest extension of the general re -election does not exceed one year.
    The council is the executive agency of the member congress. During the closing meeting, the Association carried out daily work and was responsible for the member congress.
    The power of the council is:
    (1) Resolution of the executive membership congress;
    (2) the employment of the honorary chairman and the association consultant;
    ( 3) Election and dismissal chairman, vice chairman, and secretary -general;
    (4) Preparation of membership congresses;
    (5) report work and financial status to the membership congress;
    ( 6) Determine the absorption or division of members;
    (7) Determine the establishment of office institutions, branches, representative agencies, and physical institutions;
    (8) The appointment of the deputy secretary -general and the principals of various institutions;
    (9) Leading the work of the association's institutions;
    (10) Formulating internal rules and regulations;
    (11) Determine other major matters.
    The council must be held by more than 2/3 of the councils to be held. The resolution must be effective to take effect by voting more than 2/3 of the directors.
    It 20 council holds at least once a year; the situation is special, and it may also be held in the form of communication. The members of the council did not attend the council for three consecutive times without any reason, and they regarded their automatic withdrawal from the council.
    It (21st, the association has established executive council. The executive council is elected by the council. During the council, the authority was exercised during the council's closing meeting. The number of executives does not exceed 1/3 of the number of members.
    It 22 executive councils must be held by more than 2/3 executive directors to be held. The resolution must be effective to take effect by voting more than 2/3 of the executive directors.
    It 23 The Standing Council holds a meeting at least half a year; the situation can also be held in the form of communication.
    The chairman, vice chairman, and secretary general of the Association must have the following conditions:
    (1) Adhere to the party's line, policy, policy, high political quality;
    (2) Enthusiastic the work of the Association;
    (3) It has a greater impact in the business field of the Association;
    (4) The maximum age of the chairman, vice chairman, and secretary general is not more than 65 years old.
    (5) In good health and can persist in normal work;
    (6) Criminal punishment that has not been deprived of political rights;
    (7) has full capacity for civil behavior.
    The chairman, vice chairman, and secretary -general of the Association for four years per term, and the maximum re -election does not exceed two sessions. If it is necessary to shorten or extend the term of office, more than 2/3 of the directors of the manager's board must be approved by the manager's board, and the community registration management organs shall be approved and reported to the community registration management authority.
    It 26 The chairman of the Association is the legal representative of the Association.
    It 27 The chairman of the Association exercises the following powers:
    (1) Call and host the council;
    (2) Check the implementation of the resolution of the membership congress and the executive council;
    (3) The signing of important documents on behalf of the Association.
    It 28 The Secretary -General of the Association exercises the following powers:
    (1) Hosting the work agency to carry out daily work and organize the implementation of the annual work plan; The work of institutions and entities;
    (3) Nominated Deputy Secretary -General, as well as the principals of the principals of the entity, and
    n (4) The employment of the full -time staff of the office, representative agencies, and physical institutions is determined
    (5) handle other daily affairs.
    Chapter 5 Asset management, use principles
    Article 19 Article 19:
    (1) Meeting fee;
    ) Government and relevant departments funded;
    (4) Carry out income of activities or services within the scope of the approval;
    (5) interest;
    (6) Other legitimate income.
    It will receive membership fees in accordance with relevant national regulations;
    31 The funds of this Association must be used for the development of business scope and career stipulated in this articles of association, and shall not be distributed among members.
    32 The association establishes a strict financial management system to ensure that the accounting data are legal, authentic, accurate, and complete.
    33: The Association is equipped with an accountant with professional qualifications. Accounting should not act as cashier. Accountants must perform accounting accounting and implement accounting supervision. When the accounting personnel mobilize or leave, they must go through the procedures with the receiving personnel.
    34 The asset management of the Association must implement the financial system stipulated by the state, and accept the supervision of the member congress and the financial department. If the source of assets belongs to the national allocation or social donation and funding, it must be supervised by the audit institution and will be announced to the society in an appropriate manner.
    35 The renewal of the association or replacement of the legal representative must accept financial audits organized by the community registration authority and business authority.
    It 36 The assets of the association shall, no unit or individual shall be occupied, privately divided and misappropriated.
    37 The salary, insurance, and welfare benefits of the full -time staff of the group shall be implemented with reference to the relevant departments of the state's public institutions.
    The modification procedures of the charter of Chapter 6
    If Article 38 The amendments to the Articles of Association shall be reviewed by the membership Congress after the council is approved.
    The regulations amended by the association must be reviewed and approved by the competent business unit within 15 days after the membership Congress passed, and reported to the association's registration management organs to take effect.
    Chapter 7 Termination procedures and property processing after termination
    It 40 If the agency of the Association is terminated or disbanded or due to separation or merger, it shall be canceled motion.
    It 41 The termination of the motion of the Association must be approved by the member congress and reported to the competent business unit for review and approval.
    It 42 Before the termination of the Association, the liquidation organization must be established under the guidance of the competent business unit and relevant authorities to clean up the debt and debt, and handle the aftermath. During the liquidation, not to carry out activities other than liquidation.
    It 43 The association is terminated by the association's registration management authority to complete the cancellation registration procedures.
    The remaining property after the termination of the association is under the supervision of the competent business unit and the registration management authority of the community, in accordance with relevant state regulations, and the development of the purpose related to the purpose of the Association.
    The chapter eight attached provisions
    45 The charter is approved by the fourth member congress of the association to explain the right to the council of the Association.

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