Logistics management professional exchange

I am a student of logistics management, and I am confused about logistics, and I hope to get everyone’s help.

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  1. "We have been recruiting logistics staff in Chengdu for two days, and there are too few satisfactory talents." At the Chengdu Talent Market Recruitment Fair, Manager Jiang from a logistics company in Jiangsu Province told reporters.
    In from industry insiders, the proportion of logistics in the Chinese economy is getting larger and larger, and the demand gap in logistics talents is also very large, especially in some large economic cities, such as Beijing's logistics talent gap 20 Wan, Shanghai's logistics talent gap is 500,000. According to the survey, logistics talents are one of the 12 types of talents in the country. By 2010, the demand for logistics talents above college in my country is 300,000 to 400,000. At present, the annual logistics major of various colleges and universities is about 5,000. It is far from the needs of the development of my country's modern logistics industry.
    The principal of the vocational education institution in Xingxi Xingxi, Sichuan, introduced that the salary of the logistics industry employees is also better. Generally, the monthly salary of logistics personnel is around 2,000 yuan, and the annual income of high -level logistics talents can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan. Logistics Talents will undoubtedly become the "golden career" in the future.
    The reporter learned in the interview that although there are many training institutions for professional qualification certification in Chengdu in Chengdu, these institutions have different good and bad, and vocational education institutions in Sichuan Xingxi have successfully held a 10 -phase logistics division vocational qualification training course , Condense more than 1,000 students' connections. At present, the training of the 11th logistics division of the school is conducting in an orderly manner.
    The communication group of logistics management QQ group 89868077 Welcome everyone to join

  2. In the logistics industry, there are many levels of employees, from cargo to CEO. All.
    During school, I suggest you learn English and computer.
    It financial knowledge must be learned systematically.
    The computer is not simply using a computer. The information system must be understood. It is best to learn programming and information management.
    Is do not hate less when you use it.

    It, logistics is a relatively practical industry.
    Igly, you recommend that you go to the enterprise, logistics company, or engage in practical activities yourself.

    The logistics is a vast world, and it can be done if you work hard.

  3. I also graduated from logistics, and now the logistics market is very chaotic and immature. However, it is clear that the logistics industry is the Chaoyang industry, and the contribution to the economy will become greater and more and more. Top ten popular industries.
    The so -called heroes in troubled times, I think logistics will become a place where young people are showing up

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