5 thoughts on “Where to install furniture?”

  1. Furniture installation masters generally have a lot of business, comfortable 100 net home home furnishing service platforms, Ri Rishun, search master, and so on.

    The master online pick -up method:

    (1) Download some ordering software for receiving orders, such as: the home industry leader comfortable 100 network pick -up app.

    (2) to 58, the information publishing of the information publishing, the information publishing class of the people, publish their own order information. People who need furniture installation will naturally find you through the above contact information.

    (3) Publish your own order information to your local well -known forums, posts and other places, which is equivalent to advertising. If others know you, you can find you.

    (4) Add some furniture groups to observe the dynamics in the group. Many furniture e -commerce companies also come to the master through the furniture installation group.

    (5) Working for local furniture installation companies and contractors.

  2. Now the Internet is very developed. Do not be limited to thinking. You can find some live software on the Internet. For example, the Luban Master Edition app, my previous master was found there.

  3. The installation of furniture should be carried out in that kind of building materials, because the person who is decorated to buy materials in the building materials department. You can ask for questions there.

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