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  1. I do n’t know if you need to add that kind of media group tribe?
    For example, QQ: pull down the QQ page, you will find an icon of a magnifying glass under the page,
    Two words;
    click, then enter the search page, click the third in the first row column,
    "group user search";
    n Here there are "precise search" and "classification search";
    Click to find the group number you want to join, and then there will be group names,
    "If you need to apply, you need to apply, you need
    The reasons for you to enter the group, you can enter the group after obtaining approval;
    If it is classified, you can add the nature of the group, region, region, region, region, , Select aspects of attributes
    , after selection, the next operation is the same as precisely.
    If it is like blogs, space, and tribes, there are also corresponding group joining methods, but these
    Basically, there is a frame on the left or above the homepage of the group tribe. There is a
    "Add the tribe", "Add the group", "Add the circle" in the frame. You need to click
    to enter;
    If you need to be approved, you are responsible for the processing method of the QQ group, submit the application to the management personnel
    to join the reason, you can join after approval.

  2. Use the "search" function on QQ, and then select "group users to find". If you want to find the type, you can use "classification". If you know the group number, you can use "precise search" to enter the group number directly. Some groups need identity verification to enter.

  3. According to the first search of QQ, if you want to add, choose to find it according to the conditions. If you want to add people you want to know, choose precise search. Enter the QQ number of the person you want to add. Q does not need to be written. Finally, just add friends. Also patiently waiting for the other party’s answer, he promised you to successfully add him, if you don’t agree, you will not be added.

  4. First of all, you have to have that group number, search, click to apply to join the group, and then wait for the group owner or administrator to pass, you will join this group!

  5. Method 1: In the finding group/contact/enterprise, click on the window of the group, find it according to the conditions, and then enter what category you want to find, and then the webpage will be opened, and there will be an application to join on the far right. The words, click to click, method 2: In the case of knowing the group number, in the search group/contact/enterprise, click the group icon, find accurately, enter the group number, and then find it, just apply to join.

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