1 thought on “How to let cats eat”

  1. Our family raising cats
    has been for more than ten years
    S small ones have raised
    It if you are too small, you can not feed

    If feeding some porridge or something
    The consciousness at first
    In the front of the nose
    let him lick himself
    slowly cultivation
    Then rinse some milk powder
    The syringe slowly feed
    ma largermother
    can eat it
    what do you eat
    what to eat for the cat
    Moderate soft and hard
    The meat that can not give too heavy oil and water
    may is more casual
    The nutrition is enough
    just let it be full
    Be careful not to pet too much
    can be completely after eating
    If still picky eaters
    , give hungry
    Mix it in normal foods
    A slowly reduced every day

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