2 thoughts on “Where is the Xi'an cat market? Is it reliable?”

  1. Pyrite in the Second Road.
    The pet market every Friday and Sunday (now the largest pet market in Xi'an) every Friday and Sunday. Pets such as cats and dogs are on the south road of the park.
    It bus: Education line, 8, 37, 102, 227, 300, 313, 157, 708, 714, 717, the north exit of the Park South Road.

  2. There are more cat markets in Xi'an. They are unreliable and say differently, but if you do n’t understand cats, no matter where you buy cats in Xi'an, you must be pitted. My aunt, I gave me only beautiful. It took 2800 yuan to buy. As soon as I saw the beautiful appearance, she knew that she had bought a high -priced cat. I watched a video before, named: Xi'an low -cost pet tutorial. According to the content mentioned in the video. The beauty of this product is generally about 1100 yuan. So I asked her to shorten the beauty to the merchant. Then according to the guidance of the video, I bought a 1300 yuan beauty. This is short, the product is better, and it saves 1,500 yuan. Therefore, do n’t know if you do n’t know. I suggest you watch this video and avoid being pitted. I wo n’t say much. I hope my answer will help you solve the problem.

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