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  1. This is not uniform, generally around 1000-2000, and the specific price must be referred to its bloodlines and appearance.
    Aergia cats are the world's famous short -haired cats and the representative variety of short -haired cats. Race is native to Siam (now Thailand), hence the name Siamese cat. More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised in the palaces and temples of Thailand alone, and was a nobleman who did not leave home. Siamese cats can better adapt to the owner's local climate, and their character is strong, witty and flexible, curious, and understand.
    This head slender is wedge -shaped. The head cover is flat, from the side, the top of the head to the tip of the nose is straight. The face is sharp and V -shaped, and the tip of the mouth is sharp angle, from the end of the kiss to the tip of the ear to form a V -shaped. The bridge of the nose is straight and straight, from the nasal end to the tip of the ear. The cheeks are thin and the teeth are shear bite. The ears are large, the base is wide, the ears are tip and upright. The size of the eyes is moderate, almond -shaped, is blue, deep or shallow. The extension of the inner corner to the eye tip constitutes a V -shaped with the tip of the ear.
    The expansion information
    The types of cats
    1, puppet cat
    The larger and heavier of cats. Its head is V -shaped, with large and round eyes, rich in hairs, thick limbs, long tails, soft body, mostly three -color or two -color cats. The puppet cats hold up like soft puppets, and they are very friendly to people. It is bold and does not know what fear is, and the patience of pain is quite strong. It is often mistaken for lack of pain, so it can tolerate children's fun.
    2, orange cats
    The common hair color, also known as orange cats and orange cats, generally exist in mixed cats and registered purebred cat species that do not have unique registered hair color, which has nothing to do with varieties, and it is related to the variety, which is related to the variety. It has nothing to do with varieties. It has nothing to do. Clason -related. Orange cat's hair color is usually divided into two types: all orange and orange -white. All orange cats will have light white stripes on their bodies, and only a few cats will appear white in their stomach. Orange -white cats have large pieces of orange plaques and white hair color.

  2. Well `` this variety I raised in my family ~ Actually, you searched with the online search with the buyers in your city. The market price is generally sold at about 3.4 hundreds of seals and chocolate key colors ~ tabby 500.600 will be about 500.600. Almost ~ This variety is super cute, like dogs love chasing people ~
    Siamese cats are fully introduced
    Siamese cats are also known as Thai cats. They were first raised in the Thai royal family and temples. The little -known palace court "secret treasure". Siamese cats are long -sleeved in streamlined, with slender limbs, trunks, necks, and tails and balanced proportions. The head is slender, the eyes are blue, the eyes are almond -shaped, the ears are upright, and the bridge of the nose is high. Be short, close to the skin, and shiny. Siamese cats are lively and active, smart, agile, elegant, and extraordinary. At present, Siamese cats are the representative of the most popular purebred short -haired cats.
    [Origin] Siamese cat originated in Thailand, with a long history of more than 200 years. The British consul in Bangkok in 1884 brought the Siamese Siamese cat back to Britain. The following year, this cat appeared in the Crystal Palace Cat Exhibition on the outskirts of London, which caused extraordinary sensation and became famous. It flowed into the United States in 1920, and then introduced all over the world, and was quickly attracted widespread attention.
    [Personality] Smart, lively and active, agile, curious, and rich in feelings. Emotional changes are great, sometimes quiet, sometimes impatient, sometimes humble, sometimes arrogant. Like freedom, loyal to the master, and elegant temperament.
    Plashing: Thailand
    Ancestral: non -pure breed Asian cat
    Origin: 14th century
    Forms: medium size, limb long, oriental type, long, elegant, flexible and muscle with muscles feel.
    Weight: 2.5 to 5.5 kg
    head: medium size, triangle, nose to the tip of the ear tip is straight line. British Siam is an equivalent triangle. The side contours of the skull. The cheeks are flat, and the adult cats allow double chins, and the kiss is slender. The long and straight nose is not interrupted. There is no dividing line of hair and cheeks. The chin is solid, and it becomes a straight line with the tip of the nose.
    Ear: large, wide base, large spacing, gift, is the extension and expansion of the face triangle outline.
    Eye: medium size, almond -shaped, oriental type, and the eye ends are slightly lifted.
    Cable: Long, thin, elegant, slightly curved.
    The body: long and flexible tube. The shoulders and hips are width. The bones are delicate and muscular.
    legs and claws: long and slender. The bone and muscle structure is detailed. The claws are small and oval.
    Tail: Long, thin, narrow at the base, and gradually becoming thinner to the tip of the tail.
    The hair: short, delicate, dense, silk, luster, flat clothes on the body surface. There is almost no bottom fluff.
    To fun things will change with age.
    Features: The variety known as the "prince in the cat" may be the most outgoing personality in the cat. His temperament is difficult to predict, his personality is strong and curious. He is not quiet. If you want to find a cat with straight temperament, Siamese cats are your best choice. He is very sensitive and emotional. He likes someone to accompany him, but does not like loneliness, and he cannot bear the indifference. If he is cold, he will become depressed. He is a "big mouth", often having hoarse and loudly invading the owner, and follows the owner to pay attention. His feelings are very dedicated, with monopoly desires, straightforward feelings, and even jealous. Good communication, like to play with children, but he doesn't like staying with other cats. Siamese cats are sensitive to cold and like comfort and apartment life. Early sexual maturity, the female cat was in estrus for the first time in 5 months. The frequency of estrus is once every two weeks, and the autumn and winter are as usual. Siamese cats are more high than other cats. The cubs are very active but not afraid, and should be taken care of. Hair dishes are required to sort it twice a day. When participating in the cat exhibition, take a few days in advance for it.

  3. Siamese cats were originally produced in Thailand, so buying in Bangkok is cheaper, about 2,000 baht, equivalent to about 500 yuan.

    . The price of the Siamese cat

    can buy a good

    about the price of about 200 ~ 500 After the vaccine's

    , if there must be no vaccine

    . Ordinary adult Siamese cat price

    about 500 to 1500 Yuan, the price will be due to the variety

    . The price of purebred Siamese cats

    about 1000-5000 yuan

    8000 ~ 10000 yuan

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