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  1. The cat is bitten by a rabies vaccine, and if necessary, it is necessary to inject tetanus antitoxin and rabies immunoglobulin.
    Moly bacteria and viruses in the cat's mouth, it is easy to invade the human body through wounds, cause diseases, and even cause death.
    Rabies are acute infectious diseases caused by rabies virus caused by cats and dogs such as cats and dogs. Even the cat may become a symptom virus carrier, which is not necessarily healthy.
    Once infected with rabies virus, the virus can invade human nervous system, causing acute encephalitis and spinalitis, manifested as fear, drooling, paralysis, respiratory paralysis, dyspnea, etc. psychology.
    The cats should be used to repeatedly rinse the wound with soapy water and water in time for at least 15 minutes. They can be disinfected with iodine and vaccinated rabies as soon as possible.
    If the cat who has been vaccinated with rabies vaccine, you should also seek medical treatment in time after cleaning the wound. Professional doctors will evaluate whether the vaccine needs to be vaccinated based on the bitter condition and the cat's condition.

  2. Definitely to fight. Cats and mice are generally. If you bite people, you must go to the hospital to get an epidemic needle.

  3. As long as the animal bites a vaccine, rest assured. Because the animals eat everything, whether it is clean or not, it is eaten, so there is a bacteria in its body. If you bite you, if you do not get the vaccine, it is likely to be infected with bacteria. not good. In order to rest assured or go to the hospital to get a vaccine, is the body's capital of the revolution? The body is the most important.

  4. Cats must be vaccinated.
    Mats and dogs bite people, or catch people, whether or not they have bleeding or just scratching, they must go to the hospital to get the vaccine in time, so be more assured and more at ease. Otherwise, if you are afraid of waiting for yourself, you do n’t know.

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