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  1. Kitten's umbilical cord is usually bitten by the female cat, and then it will be automatically removed within 5 days without worrying about the owner. If you touch the umbilical cord because of curiosity, it will easily cause the kitten to be infected. The newborn kitten is not suitable for seeing light and blowing, and protects them so as not to die.

    The kitten umbilical cord generally falls off for 5 days

    How time the kitten umbilical cord falls off

    just born kittens, umbilical cords are generally licked by female cats Broken, and the remaining umbilical cord will usually fall off within 5 days. Generally speaking, the owner does not need to care about the kitten umbilical cord, but if the umbilical cord of the kitten has not fallen off after 5 days, it is recommended to send the kitten to the hospital for examination.

    How longing to fall off at the kitten umbilical cord

    , do not touch the kitten's umbilical cord with your hands because of curiosity or other reasons. After touching the umbilical cord, it is easy to cause the kitten to be infected. After a period of time, the umbilical cord will automatically fall off.

    How longing to fall off at the kitten umbilical cord

    It -born kittens are weak, and it takes about 7 days to open its eyes. It is not recommended to move actively before the kitten opens its eyes, and do not let the kitten see light and blow air, so as not to cause damage to the kitten.

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