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  1. There are about 2 months for a cat for cats.
    This cats don't spend much. The daily healthy cat is almost enough for 2 yuan a month. It only refers to a well -off -style cat. The luxury style is not included.
    The 8 cats in my family, I can't buy imported cat food with the same supply and rely on true or false. I must first ensure that the food is sufficient, and I can buy it. I don't like challenging their stomach to change food. I love to eat, eat the body to adapt, the first place is healthy and healthy. A bag of 2 kg of cats can be used for a cat for a month, which takes about 12-13 yuan.
    Cat sands are very cheap. There are many pine, pussy soil, and tofu sand, and the price is not expensive. It is enough for 2 yuan a month. After eating and shit, the daily expenses of the big head are over. The remaining 5 yuan can be used to add icing on the cake. Buy a toy master must not love to play, look at luck. Buying a cat's nest master may prefer carton boxes, let's go. Canned snacks love to eat, try more.
    In addition, there are sterilization and vaccine once a year.

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