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  1. The cat was bitten by a bleeding wound. In this case, you still need to consider dealing with the wound in time. You can consider using soapy water to rinse the wound. In addition, you can apply some iodine In this case, we must consider planting rabies vaccines in time, tetanus and other vaccines.
    Extension information:
    The various trauma often causes damage to the skin and soft tissue, in severe cases and even broken limbs. The wound treatment is correct, which can heal it quickly; on the contrary, pus infection may be pus, and it may not heal for a long time. Therefore, for trauma wounds, we must deal with strict treatment.
    Once the human body suffers wounds, if the wound is not timely, the wound is infected.
    The principle of treating the wound is:
    1, hemostasis: can stop bleeding in time according to the specific situation.
    2, bandaging: The wound is bandaged properly, which can make it less bleeding, less pus, and less pain. When you tie, you must be fast, accurate, light, jail, fast, fast and agile; accurate and tightness; light, light, light movement, not touching the wound; prison, tightly bandaging, elastic and appropriate.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia: Wound treatment

  2. Is Siamese cats (details introduction)
    Many people do not prevent kittens and puppies, and think that even if they are caught or bite, they are not harmful. In fact, this idea is wrong. Many kittens do not have Whenever vaccine or some infectious diseases in time, those who are bitten are easily infected with viruses, so being bitten by kittens should properly deal with wounds.
    . Being biting by a kitten, you must not despise
    . It is similar to the dog bite and hurts, but more than 50%of cats caught bite will have wound infection. The cat's teeth are thin and pointed, and it is easy to bite into the deep skin tissue. Statistics have found that cat bite is more prone to wound infection than dog bites, and purulent arthritis and purulent osteomyelitis occur, especially wounds on small hands, leaving sequelae. After cat bite, wound infections may occur in only a few hours, and the pain is intensified, red, swollen, and pus.
    . Beware, tetanus and rabies virus!
    Plash when he is bitten or caught by a dog or cat, it is also prone to infection with tetanus and rabies virus. These are two deadly bacteria and viruses. Rabies is currently the most mortal disease in all infectious diseases. Its mortality rate is 100%. The incubation period is several days to several years, with an average of 1 month. It does not exceed 6 days from the onset to death. The incubation period of tetanus is a few days, with an average week. After the infection, the teeth are bite tightly and cannot speak. If not treated in time, the mortality rate is around 20%. Therefore, after cats or dogs bite or catch injuries, they should handle the wound carefully.

  3. Once you are bitten or caught by a cat, immediately disinfect the wound with 2 % iodine, and take antibiotics as depending on the situation. If the situation is unstable, go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. The course of developing cats will be extended, and it must be carefully treated under the guidance of a doctor. Children with cats are also prone to bow body disease. This is because the cat's feces contain an ovaries called Toxoplasty. When a person eats water and food contaminated by such ovulation, it will appear fever and fever, and it will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever, and will appear fever. Diseases such as weak limbs, muscle soreness, hepatoblasty, jaundice and other symptoms
    At present, it is the high incidence of rabies. The doctor reminded that being bitten by a cat may also be infected with rabies, so citizens must not be careless.
    Dogs, cats, and mice belong to a chain of upper and lower infection,
    Is that the rabies bite the cat with the disease and the bite cat bite the mouse again, then the rabies virus will spread between 3 animals, and then Once a rabies or mice are infected with rabies attacking humans, even if there is only a gently scratch, it can also make people infect rabies.
    Therefore, the doctor reminded that if someone is bitten or caught by a cat, take 3 steps for emergency response:
    The first step: rinse the wound. Wash the wound immediately with flowing water, push the virus as much as possible, and squeeze the blood out. If there is conditions, it is best to rinse with 20%soapy water and rinse for 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Then disinfect it with iodine, and then wash the iodine with alcohol, repeated 3 times.
    It Step 2: Immediately go to the local epidemic prevention department to inject the vaccine, and it must not be dragged for a few days before injection. The rabies have a short period of time when the latent period of the rabies will become onset, and it may take several years.
    3: If the wound is bitten, it is necessary to inject antiviral serum and use it at the same time as the vaccine. Anti -virus serum must be tried under the guidance of a doctor.
    The more and more people with pets, some diseases caused by cats and dogs and other pets are increasing. Recently, the news of a patient in Hainan's death caused by a cat's illness, causing the attention and concerns of the majority of pet fans. In this regard, medical experts said that cat scratching diseases can be prevented and treated under normal circumstances, and there is no need to panic. Experts also warn at the same time: Pet fans or people who often come into contact with cats and dogs should pay special attention to pet hygiene. Especially in the estrus season such as spring, pay special attention to keeping a distance from stray cats and dogs.
    Xie Shifeng, deputy chief physician of the infection department of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, introduced that cat scratching disease is a kind of infectious disease of humans and animals. 80%is related to cat grasping and bite. Cat caught disease. With the increase of cats and stray cats, patients with cat scratch disease have also risen, and nearly 10,000 cases of cat claw diseases are performed worldwide. The incubation period of the disease is generally 10 days to 30 days, and a few can be a few months or even 1 to 2 years. During the onset, symptoms such as lymph nodes and fever may occur. Xie Shifeng said that cats can prevent diseases and treat them without panic. Some people who are bitten by cats can be diagnosed with the history of injuries. Once the disease is diagnosed with symptomatic treatment, it is generally good after healing. According to reports, the People's Hospital of Zhejiang Province has received 4 patients with cat -scratching patients in recent years, and patients have been fully recovered after treatment. Xie Shifeng also warned that those with low immune function may have severe systemic diseases, such as complications such as heart and brain, which can cause death. He quoted relevant information that about 10%of pet cats and 33%of stray cat blood carried the pathogenic bacteria and spread through fleas between cats. It is recommended that patients with chronic diseases and those with low immunity should not have pets. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid being bitten and caught by animals, especially when animals in the spring, try to stimulate animals as little as possible to avoid unnecessary damage. In case of unfortunately biting and caught injury, you should go to the hospital to inject rabies vaccine in time

  4. Washing the wound first, don't bandage, it is better to be exposed outside
    I person personally thinks that beating the rabies vaccine has little effect. The first reason is that the general pet does not carry the disease, and what rabies have been said for a long time and a long time ago. The second reason is that if the rabies are really infected, it is useless to get vaccine.
    Wash it with soap and wipe some iodine, no need to get any needle.
    The so -called rabies vaccine is like this. How can Mimi's itself not carry the virus to you? Therefore, Mimi, who is raised at home, is basically clean, just rubbing iodine, it is really okay:)
    If cats often go out, if you are worried about being caught, you can Go to the needle for anti -rabies

  5. Basically there is no problem ~

    The cats have not been driven, so it may be transmitted to you parasitic, but you can eat intestinal worms (as long as you are not a pregnant woman: p)

    The problem of rabies, because healthy cats are not infected with rabies even if they carry this rabies bacteria, as long as it does not occur, you will not have a problem, just clean up the wound in time.

    . As for other cats that may be infected with diseases, as long as there is no fever, there is no need to worry about lymphadenopathy. n
    Is don't panic when you encounter such a thing 🙂

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