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  1. After being caught by the home -raised cat, we must first look at the health of the cat and the size of the wound, and disinfect the wound in time and get an injection. If it is caught by the cat, it is not only broken but also bleeding. Use medical alcohol to clean it repeatedly. Go to the hospital for further treatment and inject rabies virus vaccines within 24 hours. Although the cat's cat is lower than the wild cat infection with rabies virus, it is still in danger of carrying rabies virus, which may still cause healthy people to infect rabies virus.
    Rabies are dead -derived diseases. At present, there is no effective drug treatment. Once the disease occurs, the mortality rate is close to 100%. Therefore, whether it is a home -raised cat or a wild cat, you still need to pick up the rabies vaccine in time after catching the injury.

    This is generally recommended to vaccinate 5 stitches throughout the whole process, and one needle is performed in order of 0, 3, 7, 14, and 28 days. After the whole 5 -stitched rabies vaccine, sufficient rabies antibody can be produced in the body, which can effectively prevent human infection rabies.
    If you are really not assured, you can go to the hospital to detect rabies disease antibodies. If the number of antibodies exceeds 0.5IU/ml, it is prompted that the vaccination is successful, and rabies will not be infected.
    not all cats will carry viruses. Many owners of cats will regularly take vaccine needles to get cats regularly, and the environment of cats usually is very clean. The virus carried in this cat's body will be relatively small than. Therefore, after being caught by the cats at home, as long as the wound is cleaned in time, the problem is not big. When cleaning the wound, you can use soapy water to clean it. After washing, it can be disinfected with iodine, which is basically fine. However, if there is bleeding but not particularly severe, you can wash with soap water for a long time, basically about half an hour. After washing, it should be disinfected with iodine.
    It if you feel that you are seriously caught by a cat, you need to deal with the wound immediately. First of all, you must hold the wound tightly and squeeze out the surrounding blood. Like the above treatment methods, wash it with iodine after washing, and you need to disinfect with alcohol. If the economic conditions were allowed at the time, it would be appropriate to go to the hospital to inject vaccine needles. I believe everyone will notice that cats often lick their cat's claws, so after the owner is bitten, the possibility of the virus infection is greatly increased.
    If you are not lucky to be bitten by a cat, no matter what kind of cat you bite you, you need to clean the wound immediately, and then disinfect it. In severe cases, you must go to the hospital to get a vaccine needle. However, for different bite sites, vaccine needles are also different. If you have a nervous system where you bite, you not only have to take vaccine needles, but also inject virus serum.

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