5 thoughts on “Will the winter beamis frozen to death?”

  1. Will the Winter Miu -Winter frozen to death if you don't cover the quilt?

    The Winter Miu will not freeze to death, it will feel cold, and you will catch a cold.

    First of all, the cat is not like a dog. A hair is cold, and the cat's hair is not long. Cats in winter to keep warm

    Secondly, pet cats are all small elves ghosts, and the weather is cold. Essence

    Finally, the main master is reluctant to let the cat owner cold, the weather is cold, the cat slave will take out the heater to make the room warmer, otherwise the cat will feel cold and it will feel cold will cold.

    The cats are very afraid of cold. If you have the conditions to buy a warm water bag, don't stop them from running into the bed.

    The netizen: There is a heating house, not. Not necessarily outside. Look at the south or the north. If the north is below minus ten degrees. There may be frozen to death without hiding. If Dalian is not too cold. If you eat hot water and drink. It's not a problem to survive winter! But I'm afraid of cold and hungry and thirsty, that is the dead end! The temperature of the cat's body should be more comfortable than two people. It should be about twenty degrees! We all feel cold. Will it be cold? So attentive people dedicate your foam box and do not wear old clothes to make a temporary home for stray cats. Winter the long winter. A person's strength is limited, and the love of stray animals starts from me. The world's good and filial piety cannot be waited. Others can't replace you! Amitabha!

    The netizen: Note that keeping warm is necessary, especially in the winter in the north. As for whether the quilt is needed, see the performance of cats. The eight Chengdu, who sleeps well in Siyang, is not needed. If you shrink into a ball in a corner, try to cover a small blanket or take you (warm each other).

    It is the first time that the kitten has passed winter. Be sure to pay attention to whether the diet and usual are different. Winter Meshow will not be frozen to death without cover, but the cat will feel cold, and you can prepare a cat's nest to make it a warm place to sleep.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello.nStray cats are easily frozen to death in winter, because stray cats will have some diseases to a large extent, such as parasites in the gastrointestinal tract and cat plague. It's hard to get past. In addition, especially no adult kittens, it is difficult to obtain sufficient food and water in winter, so there is no sufficient energy to maintain the metabolism needed by the body.nAsk my school to have a small stray, how can he make him safe?nAnswer can prepare foam boxes for them, or put some unwanted clothes and small blankets for them to make a temporary nest. Do not go to wandering cats that come to avoid cold, and feed them some high -energy food and water. If there are some sick stray cats, it is also necessary to send them to the hospital in time to treat them. If you have conditions, you can also adopt them and give them a warm home.nQuestionnnThe answer seems to have a good life and pretty fat. (๑ ๑ ت)nAsk it to sleep in the box, and it would rather be frozen under the tree without sleeping the box. What should I do?nMy classmates and I feed cat food every day, canned cats [hee hee]nAnswer can make the box a smaller, and cats are born to drill that box.nAsk questionsnAnswer um, what else do you need to help?nAsk the cat food and other cat supplies. What are the requirements for?nThe answer is gone. Can give cats a deworm.n12 morenBleak

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