What is the disease that the kitten stool is blocked at the anus?

What is the disease that the kitten stool is blocked at the anus?

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  1. That is, it can't be pulled out. The consequences of the kitten cannot defecate normally, so the owner should take timely measures to help the cat's stool.
    1: The cat induces more water
    Now the weather is hotter. Many cats are prone to lack of moisture. Some cats may be caused by the lack of water in the body. The pet owner can induce the cat to drink plenty of water and let the cat supplement the intestinal water, and the cat may defecate normally. The pet owner can buy a flowing water feeder to feed the cat. Many cats are curious. When you see the flowing water, you can't help but drink water.
    2: Feeding pet nutritional supplements
    If the pet owner supplement the cat to the cat, the kittens still cannot defecate normally, it means that the lax defecation system is abnormal. Pet owners can feed some pet nutrition supplements for kittens, which is smooth. During the period, pet owners can feed cats with some honey water or old yogurt. When the owner feeds cat food to the cat, it is best to use warm water to soften the cat food and then feed the cat. rn3:给猫咪用开塞露rn如果幼猫已经两天以上没有排便了,那便便就会滞留在猫咪的肠道内,便便就会不断的释放毒气或者是毒素,就会Destroy the cat's intestinal health. The pet owner can go to the pharmacy to buy a Kaisai to show the cat. Because the cat is more moving, the pet owner must find someone to stabilize the cat before the cat uses Kaisu, and then give the cat to use Kaisai.
    If the cat is still difficult to defecate, then the pet owner will take the kitten to the pet hospital to check it in time. Some cats need surgery if they can't pull out, so the pet owner must seek it when necessary. The help of veterinarian.
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