What happened to the cat shit is particularly smelly, the way to reduce the smell of the cat

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  1. . The reason for the stinky of the cat shit

    This is very stinky and may be caused by indigestion. There are many reasons for indigestion. Eating too salty or food that is not suitable for it will make it smell. If cat feces are very stinky, you can eat some probiotics accordingly. The usual diet is mainly cat food. You cannot eat flavorful foods, nor can you eat people.

    . What should I do if the cat shit is stinky
    If the cat is particularly smelly and does not have the symptoms of diarrhea, the owner does not have to worry too much. Generally, it is just animal protein in daily diet. If you have too much intake, you can try to change cat food or reduce meat. For example, cats are soft, diarrhea, and stinky may be caused by diseases such as parasitic infections and indigestion. At this time, insect repellent can be used to reducing meat feeding, and regular fixation. Observe for a few days Getting up, you can go to the pet hospital for treatment.

    . The method of reducing the stink of the cat
    This is a normal phenomenon. The main points of reducing cat odor are the following points: 1. Use cat litter with better deodorizing effects, such as ore sand, crystal sand, wood chip sand, tofu sand, etc. 2. Clean up the cat's sand pot in time. The sand pot that does not clean the cat for a long time can also cause the cat to have constipation. 3, need to repel deworming to make the stomach healthier. 4. Use deodorant.
    This doctor's warm reminder: If you want to know more about cats stinking, you can click "The Cat is very stinky of yellow and yellow and blood" to understand.

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