Where is there a cat in Urumqi?

There are mice at home, so buy cats. Where can I sell cats in Tianshan District, Urumqi? It’s best not to be too far. How much is a cat?

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  1. Don't go to the Hua Ling pet market. The cats and dogs there are not good, and most of them are sick cats and dogs. I bought a cat and lived for a week. You must be careful when you buy a cat and dog. What vaccines have been vaccinated, and the vaccine is issued by the vaccine, and how long can the merchant promise how long can they live? If you die during this period, change the cat or dog for free or refund the money, remember, I spent the lesson summary! Don't be deceived by the merchant's words, you must be vigilant!

  2. Hua Ling is a pet cat. I don't know if it can bear the burden of catching mice. Now Hua Ling's pet market has moved, and all the stores in Hua Ling's pet market have been relocated to the Hualing Animal Husbandry Base. At present, bus 202 leads to the Hualing Animal Husbandry Base.

  3. hatred! Do not go to Hua Ling to buy cats. People who do 10 yuan to collect a cat and sell a cat at 30! Very dark! But there is a family that can be believed, because my cat is sold, you can see some of the places to buy birds

  4. It is recommended not to go to Hua Ling. The cats there are sick. It won't be long to die. It is recommended to go near the first phase of You Shi Mei on the Youth Road. I remember there was a good pet shop there.浘 Fear 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦nThis data comes from Baidu Map, and the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

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