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  1. Just like our human babies, kittens also need milk powder. Without mothers 'breastfeeding, some cats' nutrition cannot keep up, and they need to feed powder to ensure that cats have a young age of nutritional supply. Regarding the choice of milk and goat milk, I checked many senior shovel information and suggestions, goat milk> milk.
    Why don't cats drink milk best?
    Why do most experienced shovels do not feed cats? The lactose content in milk is high, and the lactase is generally lacking in the cat body. Drinking milk may cause lactose intolerance, causing cats to have problems with gastrointestinal function and diarrhea. Although each cat's own situation is different, not all cats are incurable, but according to the situation of most cats, milk is really inappropriate. The lactose content in sheep milk is low, which can not only supplement the nutrition required for young age, but also protect the cat's stomach.
    The benefits of goat milk powder
    Onon milk powder contains high -quality protein, which is the closest milk powder, which is closest to breast milk. It is easier to digest and absorb than other dairy products. The protein in goat milk is higher than human milk and milk, which is more conducive to the nutrition and health of cats. Moreover, cats with goat milk powder generally contain nutrients such as hypogenal, taurine, lecithin and other nutrients, which can improve the cat's vision, nourish hair, and protect the intestine.
    On how to choose goat milk powder?
    The cats on the market have a lot of goat milk powder, and there are many brands with good reputation: Testypin milk powder, golden goat milk powder, McBourien goat milk powder. The shovel officer can learn from when choosing. The nutritional value and cost -effectiveness of these goat milk powder are very high, and they are rich in protein and trace elements, which can ensure that cats have sufficient nutrition.
    Whether it is a kitten, lactating female cat or an elderly cat, a lot of nutritional supplements are needed. Sheep milk powder can provide them with nutritional supplements, which is a necessity in cat life. Now that we have chosen cats as partners in our lives, we should be responsible for their health. I hope you all have healthy and happy kittens.

  2. Most pet owners have done their homework for their own milk and milk Wang's health. Now it is generally believed that pet goat milk powder is still more assured in the "foreign" milk powder. After all, big brands are strict with quality inspection abroad and good milk. But is the foreign milk powder that everyone buys is really a native foreign goods? Many foreign brands have already put their origin in China in order to meet the demand for domestic sales. I want to buy "purebred" foreign milk powder and have to have their own Haitao, but Haitao's products and counterfeit products cannot be distinguished. What's more, the supply is unstable.
    In fact, since foreign milk powder chooses domestic producers, it means that my country is actually completely powerful to make a good milk powder that allows customers to rest assured. For example, petting my goat milk powder is a very good domestic pet goat milk powder. In the current environment where pet goat milk powder is generally low, they have independently developed a high goat milk powder with a sheep milk content of up to 95%. This is a rare high content in the world.
    Is we know that cats and dogs generally do not recommend milk. Because milk is easy to cause diarrhea; goat milk is more suitable for the physical fitness of pet cats and dogs. So the pet goat milk powder industry is also booming. However, some bad merchants use black -hearted means. Obviously the main ingredients are milk powder or milk products, but some antidiarrheal medicines are added in it. Parents saw their babies drink these so -called "goat milk powder" without diarrhea and thought they were really drinking goat milk for the baby.
    The products also look like the protein content is quite high, but in fact, it adds to "milk protein" (note that this is extracted from milk) and even plant protein "violence" increases protein content.
    The love high goat milk powder is not only real goat milk or high pure goat milk, and does not add chemicals and protein substitutions such as fragrant and antidine. The entire goat milk powder has no other other than the innocent fragrance of goat milk, which is greatly attractive to the baby of the baby, baby and older hairy children during pregnancy. Even the meow people who do not like to drink water are difficult to enemy.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Recommended reason for the Metratic pet goat milk powder: This product is a very cost -effective item in the top 10 of the kittens goat milk powder rankings. Comprehensively improve the natural resistance of kittens, and the ingredients are all natural and high -quality origin, which is quite good in terms of the overall quality of the product. Reference price: 100.00 yuan Efficacy: Jianzuca supplement calcium supplementationn2. Recommended Recommended Recommended Reason for Golden Duoguyan Cat Milk: This product is a very good product with excellent nutrition and value in the pet industry. It is made from natural ingredients. Supplement sufficient nutrition for kitten cats, and no matter how strong the activity intensity of the kitten after consumption, it will not have any impact. Reference price: 129.00 yuan Efficacy: Nutrition Nourishingn3. Recommended reason for the recommendation of Wei Shi kitten and sheep milk powder: This bad product owned by Wei Shi is a product made of kittens breast milk. When enjoying, it can quickly provide sufficient nutrition for pets and continuously improve the pet itself. The ability to absorb and high -quality materials also create high -quality products. The best temperature it is about is about 42 degrees. Reference price: 149.00 yuan Efficacy: Nutrition and NourishingnFourth, both pet goat milk powder kittens recommendation reason: Both is a company focusing on healthy pet food. This product is made of new nutritional ingredients. To a certain extent , And do not cause any discomfort to the young pets, and eventually allow the kitten to grow healthily. Reference price: 140.00 yuan Efficacy: Nutrition and NourishingnAsk questions?n回nAsk questions, thank youn5 morenBleak

  4. Mattabolic powder also contain lactose. Don't believe what goat milk can defeat lactose intolerance. The cat will diarrhea when it is drinking, and then it may die because it is too small ... My little milk cat bought a kitten cat food at first: milk cake, you put it in front of it, and then put some lactose inside Milk (now it is sold, just let the milk cake softened) and eat it. You can eat milk cakes directly when you eat it for a month. Just start to conflict, but you can eat it when you are hungry, you can eat it.

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