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  1. The configuration of physiological saline required by various animals:
    1. Breastfeeding needs to be 0.9%. Called 0.9 grams of sodium chloride, dissolved in a small amount of distilled water, and diluted to 100 ml.
    2, the physiological saline concentration that birds need to use are 0.75%. Called 0.75 grams of sodium chloride, and diluted to 100 ml with distilled water after dissolving.
    3, the physiological saline concentration of amphibians is 0.65%. Called 0.65 grams of sodium chloride, and diluted to 100 ml with distilled water after dissolving.
    The role of physiological saline:
    This can avoid cell rupture. Its osmotic pressure is the same as the extracellularity, so it will not dewater or excessive water absorption, so there are many places that need to be used in various medical operations in various medical operations. Use it.
    1. Use physiological saline debridement; if you use a washing preparation, please rinse it with physiological saline.
    2. Because the water glue contained in Youtuo SSD/Youtuo is sticking to the rubber, it is recommended to soak the surgical gloves or medicated gardenia with salt water to avoid this situation.
    3. Cover Youto SSD or Youtuo directly on the wound. You can cut it according to the wound conditions. The edge should exceed the outer edge of the wound for 3 cm to protect the surrounding skin. Do not use it.

  2. First of all, it is recommended not to match it yourself, because it is difficult for you to achieve sterile conditions, and the treatment of sterile conditions for medical reagents will be better.
    The concentration of physiological saline is 0.9%. You can add 9g of salt to 991ml of water to prepare physiological saline.

  3. Physiological saline is 0.9%NACL water solution.
    So to configure 100g of physiological saline, you need 0.9%*100g = 9g
    (naCl), 100g-9g = 91g (distilled water).
    9: 91 ratio.
    9g/91g 9g
    100%= 0.9%

  4. Analyze the pure NaCl 9 grams, dissolve into 1 liter water, and use high -pressure sterilization.
    The general bacteria in the physiological salt water can be stored at 4 degrees, which can ensure that the vitality of 48 hours is not reduced. I have done the test in person. Please contact other knowledge.

  5. According to the following method:
    1. First, use a Libra to accurately take 0.9 grams of sodium chloride, and then use the amount of tube to take 100 ml of distilled water. Fully dissolved to get 100 ml of physiological saline.
    2. First mix other ionic prototypes and add to distilled water, and finally mix the dissolved calcium chloride solution and slowly add it to prevent calcium salt from generating.
    3. Glucose should be added when it is used, and the physiological salt solution of glucose should not be placed for a long time, so as to avoid turbidation of bacterial pollution.
    The physiological salt water is allocated according to the proportion of the human body. Used to dissolve the concentration required for the distribution of drugs. Professional personnel are required for configuration.

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