The store Garfield was "taken away" late at night. As the master, should I place pets in public places?

5 thoughts on “The store Garfield was "taken away" late at night. As the master, should I place pets in public places?”

  1. On January 29, 2021, a woman in Nanning, Nanning, Guangxi discovered that a cat raised in her own shop was gone. After checking the surveillance, a strange man tried to take the cat twice. In the end, under the wind of a woman, it was smooth. Steal the cat. The cat is a Garfield. It has been released in the store since opening the store. It has been 4 years so far. It can be said that it is the "signboard" of the store. For the loss of this "loved ones", the woman was extremely anxious and searched for cats on different social platforms, and had reported to the police.
    The pets regarded as "loved ones". Cats and dogs used to look at the door to catch mice at the door. The functionality was very strong. People regarded them as tools as livestock. The cats and dogs that are raised now, people call them pets, as the name suggests, they are no longer a tool, but people's friends and relatives. They are also inverted. They are the masters and they are cat slaves. The role of cats and dogs is also rising from watching the door catching mice to accompany and comforting people, so that people can easily pin their emotions on pets, treat them as loved ones, and even intimate than their loved ones.
    The improvement of the status of pets used to be released on cats and dogs. The door of the home will go in and out of the door. Anyway, time is here, they know how to go home by themselves. And just a few broken rags can be made for their nests. The leftovers can be eaten for them, and they can be used for the cat for easy use. Now the cats and dogs are expensive. Cat nest and dog nest must be customized. There are also designated meals for meals. Not to mention that you want to buy dog ​​food and cat food. Cat sand, help it shovel. Everything has shown that the status of cats and dogs has risen.

    The pets should not put public places. They can only say that the owners of pets in public places are too big. Now in winter, it is the season of nourishing. The "peak season" of cats and dogs was placed in a public place that made people covet on the public place, which was almost the same as that of 100 pieces on the street. Someone would always pick it up. In addition, there should be no pets in public places.
    1. Pets are animals after all, with wild side and danger of attacker. At this time, some people will say that my master is very tame and will not hurt people, which is wrong! After all, animal and livestock is livestock, and it is not well known. No one knows what it thinks. Moreover, pets are easy to scare people in public places. For those who are afraid of animals, whether it is aggressive or not, it is a bit farther away from themselves.
    2. Some people regard cats and dogs as children, and cats and dogs' IQ can also be equivalent to a 5 -year -old child. Will the owner who loves his child stay alone in a public place? If the answer is no, then you should close your pets and take care of it to care for it!

  2. I don't think it should be. Because pets are the owners' personal items, they should be kept and cared for, so they cannot be placed in public.

  3. It should not, cats and dogs such as cats and dogs have the risk of catching people and bite, and there are people in public places. In order to prevent our pets from harm, we still keep pets at home.

  4. I don't think pets should be placed in public places, because pets are relatively small. If they are placed in public places, they will not make them feel very scared. Essence

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