What kinds of pets are there generally?

I am going to start with a summer vacation. I do n’t know what there are. What I know is the Thailand Plain Nile River. What else is there? Is that good to feed and feed, do you use UVB?

2 thoughts on “What kinds of pets are there generally?”

  1. Plain, breeding of giant lizards.
    This waters, Hepingyuan also has a horrible adaptability
    sand giant lizard, strong vitality, hungry n green trees, more timid
    and black and white throat r r
    It just raised or raised plains, Thai -Gea is also good, and UVB also needs to be used.

  2. The plain giant lizard
    is clever. It is considered to be low in attack and is relatively easy to raise in the giant lizard, so it is the most commonly raised melta.
    Is to feed
    This can feed meat high -quality canned cat food.

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