3 thoughts on “Where can Xi'an adopt kittens”

  1. Searching "Xi'an Adoption" in WeChat will jump out of related searches. In addition, you can pay attention to the pet hospital near your family to see if there is a pet adoption information. In addition, you can ask friends who raised cats and dogs. They will have more information about you than you.
    For those who have the needs of cats and dogs, please consider before adopting, whether you have prepared for fully raising pets. Because cats or dogs are not as good as the Internet bloggers, they will be naughty and troubled, randomly pulling urine, and may even hurt you inadvertently. In addition to eating and drinking, they will also get sick, which is also a large amount of expense. Pets are our friends. When you choose it, you must be responsible for it!
    In reminders of reminding that various information on the Internet also needs to be discerned, beware of some people to collect wealth in the name of adoption.

  2. Railway station seat 201 bus, get off at Gas Pipe Network Company Station, to No. 40 Qinmei Flower Market, there seems to be a small animal rescue alliance!

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