How to get along well with cats

As soon as the kitten arrived in my house, he was extremely fierce. As soon as he greeted him, how could he put on the attack of his attack?

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  1. Because each cat has its own temper and personality, and the growth experience is different. It cannot be ruled out that some cats are difficult to get along with other cats because of some experiences and reasons. It is better for shit officers. When not at home, they can leave them toys to relieve their boredom.
    The many shoveling officers need to go out to work. They are afraid that they will feel lonely at home when they go out to work or work at home. They choose to raise two cats or have several cats at home so that they can accompany each other Play together, so I won't be too boring. But if you raise two cats, the shoveling officer will worry that the relationship between them will not be harmonious.
    Except for this special situation, most of the other cats can live in one house more harmoniously, because pet cats have actually adapted to indoor life from genes, including living with humans and living with other companions with other companions. live together.
    but it should be noted that the cat itself is not a group animal in the strict sense. At present, there are only lions in the genus animals that are the group living animals. There will be a short -lived survival behavior, but this group is very loose, not a real group.
    The real group animals have strict hierarchical classes. They have clear division of labor in the daily hunting, defense, migration, and alerts of the ethnic group, and each performs their duties. The loose groups formed by stray cats are based on individuals and can act together, but as soon as they are dangerous or beyond control, they will easily dissolve and each other.
    . The cat was domesticated by humans at the earliest, mainly used to raise problems in the warehouse and houses indoors. Sometimes the house is large and the granary is large. Only one cat may not be enough. A few more in the room will be raised. The ancestors of modern pet cats began to gradually adapt to a living with humans and other cats as early as at that time.
    Although there is no social behavior of the group living animals mentioned above, it can also survive together and maintain friendly and harmonious.
    of course, it is more integrated with three cases. Two cats sometimes chase and play together, sometimes squeezing the sun, watching the birds, and sometimes drilling into a nest and sleeping with each other to sleep with each other. , But once the cat's brain circuit suddenly adjusts the frequency, it will instantly turn his face, waving his paw and start fighting.
    This are normal phenomena. The shoveling officer can keep observation and monitoring, so as not to hurt each other.

  2. First, make friends with cats.
    Is when you start contacting the cat, don't rush to barely friendly, let the cat gradually understand the owner. The best time to approach cats is that when it eats, you can speak softly with the cat, but do not touch it first. When the cat performs relaxed, approach it, and let the cat know that you like it very much. Don't make loud noise and take a sudden action to scare the cat. When the cat is further familiar with the owner, you must give some caressing, but don't be too much at first. As long as there is patience and a mild attitude, the cat will have a good opinion of the owner and build feelings.

    It, understand the person's personality.
    In after mastering the general habits of the cat, we must also understand the person's personality, which is conducive to the establishment and consolidation of the feelings between people and cats. Each cat's personality is not exactly the same. Some cats like sports, some cats are lazy, some cats like to be close to the owner, coquettish, and some cats do not like excessive touch and hug it. Cats like spherical toys, and some hats are interested in birds like toys. Knowing the person's personality, you can take measures in a target to enhance your feelings!

    It, do not punish cats often.
    . Cats are different from other animals, and punishment does not play any effect on cats. So when cats hate, let it know that the owner does not want to let it do so, and don't scold at will. Otherwise, the cat will think that the owner does not like it, feels that there is no warmth at home, and even run away from home. Under normal circumstances, after a period of life of cats and owners of a certain age, they all know what can be done and what is not allowed.

    . Fourth, to hold cats correctly.
    . Although it is a very common thing to hold a cat, if you do n’t pay attention, either the cat is caught by a cat or the cat is injured or even causing the cat's lifelong disability. Before hugging the cat, you must be familiar with the cat, pat the cat's mind gently or touch the back of the cat. Depending on the size and weight of the cat, you can grab it with one or two hands. Do not catch your ears, tail or grab your limbs. If you catch your ears, it is easy to break the cat's ears and cause disability. Grab the limbs is easily bitten by a cat. The cat's tail is very sensitive, and the tail or stepping on can easily lead to the cat's attack.
    OK, the secret of getting along with cats is that, I hope these little tips can bring a happier life to you and your baby.

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