3 thoughts on “How to handle the business license of a family cat house?”

  1. For the situation you elaborate, its business scope can be considered for pet cats: pet cats foster, pet beauty.
    Is when the business scope is determined, the applicant can handle the business license. The approximate process is as follows:
    1. The autonomous naming name is to submit the name that they are prepared to the nuclear name system. When there are no heavy names in the same industry and region, it can be approved;
    2, submit the business scope, registered address property documents, and relevant person in charge of ID card materials, etc., and submit it to the establishment of the Industry and Commerce Bureau to collect business licenses.
    of course, after receiving the license, the applicant also needs to go to the filing point to apply for the official seal and tax filing registration.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the certificate procedures for opening pet medical stores, and the procedures for going through such a store are quite responsible. It is recommended that you do n’t open your pet medical stores if you do n’t have a wealth of operations and markets. In addition to the above -mentioned related procedures, the pet medical store also needs to have an veterinary qualification certificate; the relevant pet hospital qualifications, hygiene permits, medical permits, etc., require the review of many departments, and the review time is also very long.nThe industrial and commercial license must be done. It is worth noting that if you just start to be a cat house, I suggest that you make a wet and cat's cooperative cat, so that your risk is relatively small. The cat house is facing customers, so Mao House makes money by customers. Customers buy cat food from you. When you go home, the cats like it, and the customer will come again. If the customer buys cat food and goes home, does not like to eat this cat food or eat this cat food, then the customer will feel that this cat food is not good. In fact, there are many reasons why cats do not eat a certain cat food. For example, the feeding method of cat food is incorrect, and cats have anorexia. Therefore, cats are not only places to sell things, but also places to provide customers with scientific maintenance knowledge. Many people who feed pets have many unscientific places for pets, so cat houses need to sell services. Tell customers how to use it so that customers have a sense of trust in you.

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