1 thought on “What are the symptoms of dogs infected with mites (how is dog mites caused)”

  1. 1. Mites infected with dogs generally include ear mites, chiggainal mites and rescue mites.

    2. The first is itchy mites, commonly known as ear mites.

    3. Dogs will throw their heads and scratch their ears.

    . Ear mites can cause itching of the ear canal, and there will be otitis media if severe infection.

    5. The second is the medium mites. Infection of the medium mites will be dandruff, itching, and crazy scratching.

    6. The third is creep mites. This mite grows small red dots on the dog, and at the same time, there will be pus.

    7. Because it is easy to secondary bacterial infection, most of them can be prevented by deworming.

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