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  1. It is best to open a pet dog for a pet shop for a novice. To understand pets, start with pet supplies.
    The property management requirements for pet shops are relatively high
    Is first, do not allow dogs to bark the people, it is recommended to choose a store on the residential area and facing the road;
    Secondly, there must Ventilation facilities, discharge the dog's odor;
    third, the dog's beauty, and must also prepare the sewage port, disinfection cylinder and purple light sterilization lamp.
    Is when selecting imported products, you must insist on formal import procedures.
    If you open a new store, if you want to attract customers, you must establish a good reputation. Under normal circumstances, 3 to 6 months is a normal period. If the store has not achieved the ideal goal for more than 6 months, it is likely that there are problems with the place of business.
    don't be too optimistic. Some shop owners think that the business will roll up. In fact, the survival of a store requires nearly half a year of training. If the owner does not have enough funds to maintain the store operation, it will face the risk of closing. Preparing 30%of the flow funds can avoid causing a situation of riding tigers.
    The conditions required for opening a pet shop. Opening a pet shop not only needs to invest, but also requires relevant procedures, as well as the conditions for opening pet shops. For example, opening an ordinary pet shop requires a normal business license, and a pet shop containing pet medical needs requires a sanitary license, and an veterinary practice certificate, and a series of strict reviews.
    The client is the foundation of success. Pet supplies stores are the service industry, and they must serve the supremacy. Each employee is required to have a pet, and can provide some consulting services for customers in the store. Establish the reputation of the store. Pet shops rely on word of mouth, so the effectiveness of operating opinions also requires a certain process. Pet owners generally treat pets as one of the family members, so they usually go to a good shop they believe in a good trust.

  2. Send the dogs that can't be sold for free, but make more
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