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  1. The Famine Local Edition All Pet gets all pets
    Hac is a code brush.
    Hacci — Hacci fish tank "Starry Sky"
    Super cute lava worm — lava worm deciduous teeth
    Gurumi -Guru Mi's flower
    2. R n Pets made of pet nests:
    Mi -raccoon panda -1 fried fish row (1 free fish 1 branches 2 berries) 1 hill panda tail, summoned at the rock cave.
    Il mini hunting dogs -1 monster thousands of cakes (2 monsters 2 non -branches filling) 4 dog teeth, summoned at the rock cave.
    Ili steel sheep -1 avocado sauce (1 living mole 1 fairy palm meat 2 branches, one of the dark dishes) 1 steel velvet, summoned at the rock cave.
    Mi Guru Mimi -1 Taifeng Sugar (3 honey 1 non -meat egg milk filling) 1 gurgi mucus, summon at the rock cave.
    Mi -dragon flies -1 炝 炝 (1 free meat 1 non -strange meat 2 vegetable) 1 frozen eggs, summon at the rock cave.
    PS: Pets have no blood volume, follow the owner up and down, they will escape when the owner fights, and will hungry food for food (they do not picky eaters!).
    The small birds you hatched (you will follow you unconditionally before you grow to adulthood, but you will be hungry, you need to feed regularly, and you will be revenge when you are adults)

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