Is there anything to pay attention to when picked up the stray dog?

It feels very big. Do I need vaccine?
If there is a disease, does it affect the human body? My family has an old man.

5 thoughts on “Is there anything to pay attention to when picked up the stray dog?”

  1. Thank you for your homeless dogs
    The adoption of stray dogs must pay attention:
    1, clean, it is best to shave, cut nails, check ears and fur, see if there are skin diseases
    2, Do the vaccine
    3, do insect repellent
    4, observe the urination and physical condition, pay attention to his health
    5, stray dogs have more or less bad habits, and even some stray dogs I have a lot of attention, and more care and communication is needed
    Rewed that the general dog's infectious disease will not be directly transmitted to people. At most, it is a parasite that has little effect on health. Attention is rabies, but the vaccine can be solved

  2. First take a bath at least to see if there are trauma or the like. The vaccine should be checked. Pay attention to rabies, observe whether the dogs vomit, dilute, cough, fever and the like, dog plague, small and so on.
    In general, the dog's resistance is very strong, especially the earth dog.

  3. It is best to remove insects for dogs and kill flea mites and the like. Rabies vaccine will have two periods of free (domestic vaccine) for two periods. This can be asked at pet hospital. My dog ​​also hit Inteve's antibodies.

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