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  1. Consultation record ยท Answer on 2021-12-16nHow to massage can make the dog comfortable to fall asleep, and I am glad to answer it. 1. Touch your hands and gently put it on the dog and let it calm down, but it should not be excessive. This is a way to stabilize it every time the massage starts, or when the dog wants to stand up halfway. 2. Make a fixed -point prescription with the fingers. This method is suitable for the position of the eyebrows, foreheads, ears, between fingers and back muscles, which will make the dog feel a lot of skin care and relaxation. 3. Sweep the palm and stick it flat on the dog, and slowly touch the dog’s hair and touch it back. This is the warm -up movement before the massage, the order is top, back, and tail; then the cheeks, the side of the body, and the legs; and finally the neck to the heart. 4. Rubbing with a full palm with a C -shaped gesture slowly rubbing. The strength needs to be adjusted by observing the reaction of each dog. If the dog shrinks your hands, it is the dog’s uncomfortable response, which mainly needs to put the intensity. This method is suitable for the whole body. The owner can follow the order and direction, from the heart of the eyebrows to the forehead, the shoulder joint, the back to the tail, the back to the abdomen, and finally the underarms and thighs to massage the dog.

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