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  1. Reminder:

    Market prospects:

    The pet funeral industry is a mature industry abroad. According to statistics, the output value of the pet market in the British each year is as high as £ 3.5 billion. The pet funeral industry can provide services such as cremation, coffin, pet cemetery and condolences. In Japan, merchants have discovered the business opportunities of pets to "behind them" to the point where there is nothing to rejected. Not only are pet cremation, pet funerals, pet cemeteries, but also temples dedicated to pets.

    According to statistics, there are nearly 10,000 pet corpses discarded in Shanghai each year. At least 20 % of pet owners have the needs of pet funeral. At present, the market potential of my country's pet economy can reach at least 15 billion yuan.

    Pre -work:

    1. First of all, you need to apply for a relevant license at the industrial and commercial department. Li Jianzhong's "Paradise Station" license was changed from "pet funeral and supplies retail" under the requirements of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to "the" pet funeral and supplies retail "to" the sale of no harmful treatment services and supplies for pet corpses in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations " Essence

    2. If you choose to bury, you need to choose a good deserted mountain wasteland.

    3. Create cooperation with local pet hospitals. You can get more information about pet owners from them.

    The pet funeral can be classified according to different levels, so that more pet enthusiasts can be attracted, and the charging standards can float between hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan.

    can also make specimens for pets. At present, the price of a Persian cat specimen is about 4,000 yuan.

  2. What is the profit of China's pet industry in the next 10 years -100 billion!
    It is best to open with the hospital. Those who can't cure the disease are buried directly. The pet shop is not recommended for medical treatment, because no one takes a dead dog to find you in the past.
    Pet funeral includes: pet cemetery, pet wreath, pet model (soaked the corpse in Femarin), and each township profit is very high.

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