4 thoughts on “What kind of pet dogs do rich people like to raise?”

  1. Definitely because of personal hobbies and personal living environment. For example, some people just like fierce dogs such as Tibetan mastiffs and Caucasus! Great consumption, pull the wind! But there is a lot of room for activity. Some large villas have outstanding guards such as German Mu, Rowide, Dubin, Gu Mu and other outstanding guards. Some people like docal, such as Chow Chow, Scottish Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Lara! These are all big choices! I like a big one, pulling the wind, and being able to protect it. Some giants are willing to spend nearly 10 million to buy Tibetan mastiffs!

  2. This has to be based on personal hobbies, not all the rich people have a dog -personally thinks that shepherd (blood is better)

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