4 thoughts on “Chinese people always buy foreign pet dogs. Does foreigners raise Chinese pastoral dogs?”

  1. There are also native dogs abroad. Foreigners do not support Chinese pastoral dogs. Foreigners like to raise Chinese products such as Laizhou Red, Beijing -Pakistan, Tibetan mastiffs, Bagu, Schttos, Shami, Chow Chow, Lhasa dogs and other Chinese products. Among them, Shari, Chow Choi, Bago, and Tibetan Mastiff are loved by foreign dog breeders, and their prices are also very expensive. In recent years, Laizhou Red Dogs have been slowly recognized by the world. The Chinese military and police community has begun to quote Laizhou Red, foreign police dogs Lovers have gradually begun to pay attention to Laizhou Red. A Chinese pure breed Laizhou Red has far exceeded the popular dog breeds such as German herds and dogs. It was once fired to the sky -high price. Today, the Chinese people have begun to be indifferent to the Tibetan mastiff. Foreign dog enthusiasts are still proud of having a Tibetan mastiff dog. People are also regarded as treasures. Tibetan mastiffs have frequently appeared in luxury villas around the world, mighty and majestic. How can the momentum of the world be comparable to famous dogs such as Dan Dan and Caucoce!

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