Who knows how to tie the dog's ears?

My dog ​​is a Dou, it's almost 2 months. The small ears are still collapsed, how cute. In order to make it erected with my ears, I tied the two ears together with a rubber band today, but I don't know if the method is right. Please help me answer me, thank you very much, thank you ``

3 thoughts on “Who knows how to tie the dog's ears?”

  1. I see the pet shop uses a bit of hardness paper, cut into the shape of the ears, and then fix the paper on the ears with a tape. The hardness of the paper is erected naturally. Naturally erected

  2. The remedy is useless.

    The method of tied, it is not clear in language. In short, tie the two together without changing the shape of the ears, which helps to stand upright, but be careful The cartilage of the ears causes the ears to deform.

    It 2 months of dog ears is normal, and it is not necessary to take mandatory means.

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