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  1. The ears of the ears stand up, giving people a sense of spirituality and intensity. Generally speaking, the ears of the ears are relatively small, which is more related to the breed of dogs. Frequently vertical ear breeds are 2 months after lifetime, from ears to 1/2, and will stand up; at 3 months, almost the entire ears are erected, but some of the ears are erected half of the ears in 3 months. Be sure to pay more attention at this time. If you are born 6 months old, your ears cannot be completely erected. At this time, the dog's ears are likely to be erected naturally. Therefore, to ensure that the ears are erected, the ears must be taken from 2.5 months of birth.
    The basic method of vertical ears is: for large ear dogs such as wolf dogs or Yorkshire, when you can't stand up, you can use the abandoned cotton dipped in alcohol to carefully wipe the parts with long hair on the ears. On the tape, then a slender plastic support, and then fix it with tape to remove the part of the ears. After surgery, the dog often feels uncomfortable because of the tape on the ears. It is often uncomfortable to swing his head, and sometimes he grabs the tape with his feet. When the dog is caught by the support, it should be pasted immediately, or use a neck case to prevent the dog from grabbing after surgery. After so fixed, after 1 month, the support of the support was removed, and the dog's ears stood.
    In addition, it can also be rolled into a cigarette -shaped shape with hard paper, towering on the inside of the ears, bandaging on the outside roll, or fixing the ear -made ear shape on the ears. As long as it is fixed, the dog's ears will be erected after about 1 month.

  2. The best period is when three to five months. Because the first two months were vaccinated with dogs to make the baby grow up healthily. At this time, they were weak and could not afford the weight of the whole body anesthesia. However, if you wait for an adult or after changing the deciduous teeth, the dog will be very painful, bleeding is not easy to stop, and it will be difficult to recover the day after tomorrow. At this stage of three to five months, the blood vessels on the baby's ears are relatively thin, and they heal it after surgery.
    . Preparation before surgery
    The can not eat anything within 12 hours before surgery. It is best not to let the dog drink too much water before 3 hours before the operation, because the dogs need to be a dog during the operation. Anesthesia for whole body, during this period, was afraid that they had bad reactions, and the empty stomach was to be afraid that they would vomit during the operation. Because they were sleeping at the time, the water or food that was likely to vomit would flow to their nasal cavity, which would cause them to suffocate, so they must follow the doctor's advice.
    . The whole process of surgery
    1. First of all, it is necessary to put Xiaoxue on the beauty table and about the ear hair, and then outline the shape of Xiaoxue's face shape. Different, the ear cutting should be dependent on the specific situation).
    icated ***, and injected hemostatic needle.
    3, cut off the excess part, suture the wound, stop hemostasis and anti -inflammatory.
    . The precautions after surgery
    M icons imitate at least twice a day with iodine, and you need to get an anti -inflammatory needle twice a day.
    The week after surgery can be removed.
    The can not take a bath immediately after the stringing, at least three to five days before wet bath. If you have to take a bath, you can use pet -dedicated dry cleaning powder for dry cleaning.
    When you can wash it, remember to blow dry immediately after washing. Do not let the wound of the little guy crack.
    During the healing of the wound, remember to prevent the little guy from scratching your wound parts, leading to ulcers. You can bring it a "Elizabeth circle".
    Please see the effect of the beautiful transformation of Xiaoxue after surgery after surgery!

  3. It depends on what it is and what string. If the parents are not lined, it is impossible to be a library. If it is determined to be a library dog, or it is possible, if it is a puppy,
    It you can often Give him some brown sugar (but don't have too much), or feed some dogs for dogs!
    The should be fine!
    but if you are adult, it is impossible to stand up again!
    If you want to pull up ear hair, you can also choose a professional pet club, pet beauty salon, all!
    I wish you a happy dog!

  4. You are all fixed in one and a half years old, so it is difficult to stand on your ears,

    I personally think you do n’t need to give it ears. Anyway It is perfect, cute, naive, very lively,

    The skewers butterflies have no stand -up ear, not good -looking, and the ears are not good? Ha ha,

  5. Ha ha! That answer is simply funny. Tell you: The best way is to feed "calcium tablets". Some supermarkets are available, and you can also go to pet hospital to buy.

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