5 thoughts on “Dogs have always howling like a wolf recently, neighbors said, it was crying. what happened?”

  1. The reason why dogs are always howling like wolves:
    1, dogs are too boring, if a dog with a large amount of exercise and very strong energy at home, then when it is boring and lonely, it is lonely and lonely. I will learn dogs at the time. The purpose of doing so is to find similar play.
    2, the dog's mood is not very good. If the dog feels uneasy or emotionally annoyed, then it may also howl like a wolf, especially Husky, if you feel uneasy, they can even keep it constantly Essence
    3, dogs may be in estrus. Each dog has a fixed estrus period. If a male dog is kept at home, it is just stimulated by the smell of the nearby bitch during the estrus, then it will howl like this.

    extension information:
    do not abandon it because of the dog howling.
    The dogs that are howling like wolfs are not a small number of dogs. This situation often occurs. The dog howling like a wolf in the middle of the night is indeed a bit penetrated, and it is very disturbing the people, so the owners need to observe carefully. Dogs howl like wolfs. The dog itself is very sticky, and it will always be lonely.
    Igly, the dog owner cares more about his dog. If you have nothing to touch the dog's head, do games or interaction with the dogs, and take the dog out for about an hour every day. Give dogs with enough sense of security, they rarely call.
    mou, and some dogs have just arrived at the new home, not very adaptable. If the dog howls like a wolf, they can scold people a few times. After the dogs do not call them, they can feed their favorite snacks as rewards. Some dogs will also howl like a wolf around ten days before and after the estrus. You can take the dog out to walk around and buy it for dogs and bite sticks.

  2. 1. It may be the estrus of the dog, attract the opposite sex by sound
    2, the communication between dogs can also be communicated through such howling.
    3, loneliness, is accidental phenomenon
    4, not crying.

  3. No one at home is playing with him? My family used to have two wolf dogs (one male and one mother) often called together at night. It seems to be intoxicated.

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