Police dogs demonstrate the effective tie of the dog. Do you know what the dog is effective to tie the rope?

5 thoughts on “Police dogs demonstrate the effective tie of the dog. Do you know what the dog is effective to tie the rope?”

  1. From May 1st, my country's "Animal Epidemic Prevention Law" stipulates that people who bring dogs must wear dog cards in accordance with regulations. Take the steps of the bolt rope of the dog. In addition, pay attention to check the length of the rope and collar. Generally, the correct length of the collar can only insert 3 fingers.
    What is the effective bolt of dog walking? Experts believe that no matter large dogs and puppies, some puppies can attack any animals or humans during the owner's bolt. The correct method is to grab the rope two times and increase safety. If the dog suddenly exerts force, the rope is always in your hands.
    The researchers recalled that the owner of the dog must control the length of the dog's rope to avoid direct contact with dogs and strangers. If necessary, grab the dog's rope with both hands. The dog's traction belt must be held in the hands of adults and uses enough force. Before going out, professional exercises must be performed.
    It, if the owner of the dog only holds the rope without holding the rope, it is simply "playing"! Even if the rope is tight, the length of the rope is too long, the length of the rope is too long, and the effect of the rope cannot be obtained.
    Why do I need a rope when walking the dog? You may not have completely thought about the role of the rope: the bolt rope can effectively limit the scope of the dog's activity, prevent dogs from getting lost and hurting others, and prevent dogs from eating or being harmed or stolen. You can also pick up the stools of the dog in time, which is easy to clean up in time. One of the most important functions is to make full use of the monitoring of dogs and avoid economic losses.
    Pews have multiple dogs, and it is recommended to buy a pair of pull rope. After all, every dog ​​has different personalities. If you want to buy a one -to -one dog rope, you need to know that in some cases, one dog looks east, and the other dog looks west, the whole person can't take care of the dog by Donglai.
    Note: Not all dogs can adapt to the bolt rope well, so you need to do adaptive training before using the bolt rope for the first time. First tie the rope to the dog, and then tie the rope around the neck after the dog adapts, so that the dog can adapt quickly.
    As for the material of the rope, it depends to a large extent on personal preferences and whether the dog is comfortable. For example, some leather ropes are tightened when they pull the dogs with small contact area, which will make the dog uncomfortable; some leather ropes have a large contact area, and some dogs have long hair and it is easy to knot. Therefore, when choosing the material of the pull rope, you can choose according to your dog. For convenience, it is best to try it first, and then buy it.
    Finally, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size traction rope for dogs, but there are too many types of traction ropes in the pet market, and for dogs of different varieties, different hair quality, different character, and different body size, The choice of traction rope is also particular.

  2. That is, when the dog is led, the neck ring must be tight. With three fingers as a suitable length, otherwise it will be useless. The dog will break free.

  3. I think the most important thing is to prevent some dogs from changing their temperament and cause certain harm to the surrounding people, so I think it is very important to boring dog chains.

  4. It should be that the dog cannot break away from the rope you tied, which is called effective bolt rope. After all, this is very important for dogs.

  5. Know. The rope when you take a dog maintain a certain length of length. At the same time, the dog collar should not be too wide, and you can hold three fingers.

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