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  1. 1. It can prevent severe diseases in advance
    The prevention of diseases may be the most obvious and most important cause of dog vaccination. Various vaccines for animals to reduce opportunities (or completely eliminate).
    2. Giving a dog vaccine is the law given rights and obligations
    If love for dogs is not enough to convince you to vaccinate, then maybe legal things will happen. Even if your pet is an indoor animal, remember that it is still easy to sneak in the outdoor, and even wild animals can sneak into your house. In addition, if you intend to bring a dog during vacation, or even put it in the "Dog Trust" at work, you usually need to provide the latest vaccination certificate (especially the vaccination of the Bodetra bacteria, which helps to help, which will help help, which will help help, which will help help, which will help help, which will help. Preventing dog's cough).
    3. Keep the safety of other pets
    unless you vaccinate the dog, pets are likely to cause other animals to get sick. To make matters worse, animals that have not been vaccinated may even spread the disease to others,
    4. Wise financial decision -making
    has a pet, especially dogs will soon become expensive. Here are dog food, boarding costs, toys, beauty

  2. Vaccine can prevent the acute infectious diseases of six dogs, including: canine plague, small virus disease, canine hook -end spiral disease, infectious hepatitis, infectious bronchitis, and subwoofer disease. In the first year, you have to injection three times, each time the interval is 21 days, and then once a year in injection. The imported dogs hexal seedlings are of good quality and high protection rate.

  3. Uh, I just consult a pet doctor on the same question last week.
    This is what the dog's annual vaccine is targeted at some high -death infectious diseases such as dog plague, small, and influenza in dogs.
    and it is injected with rabies vaccine to prevent the rabies virus carried in the environment or other dogs, and it does not prevent the spread of rabies between people.
    It, these two needles are good for the dogs themselves, so that they produce antibodies themselves.
    If the dog with a rabies vaccine, and people are not infected with rabies, it can only show that there is no rabies virus in this dog. Therefore, for the sake of safety, doctors will suggest that people with rabies vaccine.

  4. Puppy
    is easy to be small
    Tococcassia, etc.
    MST of common fatal disease

    The low immunity of puppy
    is easy to dye
    is to prevent these diseases
    The lives that protect small things
    not 100%safety
    , but it is finally a guarantee
    can not cost much money

  5. Vaccination can enhance dog resistance and prevent diseases. For example, small, dog plague, rabies, etc., are guaranteed to people's health.
    It to ensure the success rate of vaccination, it is best to repel deworming in the body before the vaccine is injected. Dogs of 2 weeks of age can start with deworming in the body. Gastrointestinal treasure can prevent stress reactions, a pack of one pack per day. Many domestic vaccines are used for free. The main brands of imported vaccines are: Intelway, Pfizer, USA, Merria, France, etc., there are four unions, six united, eight unions, etc.

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