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  1. Suitable for domestic domineering giant dogs
    The domineering giant dogs suitable for home care, we all know that many people do not like small pet dogs, but prefer large dogs with larger size, so everyone knows which are suitable for domestic dogs. Is it? Let me share some domineering giant dogs suitable for home!
    It what are suitable for home support giant dogs 1 TOP6: Dandan dog
    The largest dogs with Dandan dogs, there is a Great Dan dog named "Bridge". In 2010, he won the Guinis World The record is certified, but it has now gone to Wang Planet. The Great Dan dog is very docile, very loyal to the owner, and tolerant of children, but the life expectancy of the Dadan dog is very short and can only live at most 8 to 11 years. Intersection
    top5: Big White Bear Dog
    The original role of Big White Bear Dog. In the previous role, it was dragging dogs, guards, shepherds, hounds, etc. However, breeding of big white bears need to take care of hair regularly, because its white hair is not resistant to dirt, so you need to take a regular bath, comb your hair, etc.!
    TOP4: San Bernard dog
    The type of large dogs in St. Bernard dogs. Its personality is very docile, easy to get close, and is very tolerant of children. It is very sticky. If you like large dogs that are sticky, then the St. Bernard dog is the best choice. It is also very suitable for family breeding!
    top3: Giant poodle
    The VIPs with a height of more than 48 cm, collectively referred to as the giant poodle, belong to the poodle. It is very friendly and suitable for children and family members. If you If you want to raise a giant poodle, then you have to absorb enough calcium every day because its bones are fragile and easy to fracture. Calcium supplementation can be added to ensure that its bones are strong. Therefore High calcium, high protein and low fat natural dog food, effectively strengthen bones and brighter hair!
    top2: Alaska dog
    Don’t look at the huge body shape of the Alaska dog. In fact, its heart is completely a little public. After mature, the Alaska dog will become quite stable and sticky. Naughty and troublesome, so Alaska dogs are also very suitable for family breeding, but it is not easy to train Alaska dogs, but as long as you add some delicious dog snacks (chicken jerky, sheep cheese) during training, it will do it better because Snacks in Ala are the most important!
    TOP1: Berne Mountain Dog
    Berne Mountain Dogs are large dogs. It is firm and harmonious, very smart, strong and flexible, good at endurance, not good fighting, loyal and tame, adult Berne Mountain dogs It is a very scholar, polite, and generous dog. It has the following advantages: strong, obedient, confident, not afraid of difficulties and non -wildness, so it is very suitable for family breeding!
    It what are suitable for home support giant dogs 2 1: Alaska
    Alaska is also a large dog raised in our more common home. They may look scared at a glance. But don't be blinded by their appearance. This is a gentle toy. They have a docile personality and are not aggressive to people. However, some people reflect that this dog likes "Er Ha" like "Er Ha", so that although it is more docile, friends who want to raise it still have to be a little psychological preparation, haha.
    2: Giant expensive
    giant Gui may be unfamiliar with everyone. Some habits of us call them "Teddy Plus" because they look like a teddy several times. Some giant Gui can stand up to about 180 cm, but it is really a big guy. These dogs are also more suitable for family breeding. The personality is docile and the obedience is better. At the same time, it is also loyal to humans, suitable for being a family partner dog. But this kind of dogs are also a waste of energy in the later period.
    3: Big White Bear
    Dabai Bear is also a giant dog that dog friends prefer. They may look similar to Samoyed at first glance. But there are still large differences, and they can be quickly distinguished from the ears. Satsuma's ears are upright, and the big white bear is pulled down. The big white bear feels more noble. Their indifferent eyes and white hair are loved by dog ​​friends. They are also more suitable family partners dogs with a docile personality and no aggressiveness.
    4: Ancient shepherds
    The believe that everyone will not be too strange to such dogs, because such dogs will often see them in our childhood cartoons. Their long hair often makes us see their eyes. Although this dog is large, it is particularly docile. There are rare people to tie it with a rope, because this dog prefers to stick the owner, so you don't have to worry about it. It is also a giant dog that is more suitable for family breeding.

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