Who has bought dogs on Taobao's shops? Have you ever believed a good reputable shop? Recommended me a few `I want to buy it in person.

If you really buy a real pure -breed dog, you must thank you at least 1,000 points `

5 thoughts on “Who has bought dogs on Taobao's shops? Have you ever believed a good reputable shop? Recommended me a few `I want to buy it in person.”

  1. I didn't buy it on Taobao, but I really bought our small sac in 58. I was a baby born to his mother Satsuma in the same city. As long as the host grows up, go to the seller to see it, and determine that the dog's mental state is okay, and Let the seller issue a certificate of refund or see the dog within seven days of small dog plague, and let the seller buy a small dog plague tested on the spot. It is not recommended to buy it on Taobao. It is recommended to take a look at the same city. At least you can test whether the dog is healthy in person. And if you buy it on Taobao, a few months of a dog sitting on a plane and a train, even if the dog is not sick, you forget to be south. Has the golden retriever who suffocated to death? Healthy dogs will be suffered after a long journey, and dogs need stronger adaptability. Cross -regions will inevitably cause soil and water to cause the dog to be unconvinced, no appetite, and severely cause gastroenteritis. It is not conducive to dogs. Dog's development health.
    The landlord thinks twice! Hope to help you ~

  2. Most of the dogs on Taobao are dogs breeding and breeding in dog fields. Whether health can fully guarantee that this depends on the dog field. In fact, it is not recommended to go to Taobao to buy it. First, the city of selling dogs selling dogs is basically in Shanghai. Beijing, Beijing, has at least 200 yuan alone, and it is not necessarily cheap. Second, I have n’t seen it with my own eyes. I ’m not selected by myself. Even if it’ s pure, I do n’t necessarily ensure that I have a good personality. In case you get a personality you do n’t like, and the dog when he was young, the dog was a child. It may not be seen whether it is purebred. Third, even if the shops that have been fully believed in, each dog is different. Even if it is now healthy, maybe some invisible diseases are currently invisible. I think you can go to Ganji.com to find dogs in the same city for sale. You can come to the same city to choose a dog, and you are not afraid of being deceived, and your parents who can see the dog know that the puppy is pure. There are also after -sales agreements, and some are raised by others in their own homes. They are healthier and there are no infectious diseases. I think the price is similar to Taobao. It is much cheaper than a pet shop. You can go and see.

  3. Dogs have not bought it. I often shop on Taobao. As long as you follow a few principles to ensure that you do n’t buy fakes. First of all, you can see the credibility of the seller. The higher the credibility, the better. Then look at the evaluation of netizens. The higher the evaluation, the better. Then there are three more stores in the store. Finally, chat with the owner to see the attitude of customer service. As for you to buy a living matter, it is recommended to buy in the local cat and dog market. If you have to buy it online, it is recommended to choose a local purchase. In this way, the boss can personally send you to your home to choose.

  4. It is not recommended to buy live animals online. First of all, the situation of the puppy during transportation is not known. Secondly, the online pictures are not necessarily true. Besides, even if the picture is true, you cannot understand the health of the dog. Many friends who trades living animals online will encounter the disease when they go home. Some illegal merchants will take a medicine for pets, which will make animals look lively and healthy in a short time. This is the legendary "week week. Dog "," Week Cat ". You know, it is useless to find a seller when he is onset. This situation is not only the Internet, but some street dog vendors will also use it. If you really want to buy a dog, it is recommended to go to a regular dog. The online dog vendor may be more cost -effective, but once the onset of the disease, the medical expenses of thousands a day may also have to be put in. Dogs are a life, so be cautious!

  5. Don't buy a dog in Guangzhou! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection
    I bought two Labrador, which was bought at different times. It was more than 1 year apart. The first purebred, with small germs!
    In the beginning, it was thought to be caused by your own environment. The hospitalization treatment was spent thousands of pieces, and the dog was only more than 1,000. After a long time, I can see it, and I also carry a small virus. Later, I learned that the small virus generally has very little environment. Only the breeding base will be available. Still hybrid! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection
    I I suggest that you go to the local farm to buy it. Basically, there are basically no good appearances on the Internet!
    and not safe! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

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