3 thoughts on “What should I do if there are worm eggs on the puppy”

  1. If there is a parasitic parasite on the body, there will also be insect eggs and adults in the environment. It is necessary to use medication at the same time to completely kill it. It is recommended to use lice to spray. Spray is more directly exposed to insect body, and it will be effective. Then use drops to prevent it. It will prevent persistence and the effect will be better. Wear a anti -licking circle after taking the medicine to avoid licking. Because the temperature is high now, the parasites of the body surface are fast, and it is very easy to infected to play in the grass. It is necessary to remove insect deworming from time to time. Generally, it can be prevented with lice and enemies for half a month. Take a precautionary

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the two kinds of insects that dogs have found now. It is recommended that the owner uses deworming medicine for dogs: worship pets, Fulan or super credible. Orally, most dogs also love to eat. Flea in the environment, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the corners of the home once, and buy a safe and mild flea spray spray on the Internet, especially carpets, nest pads, etc. to dry more. In addition, the subject was forced to pull the dog beans (tapeworm), and there was a wound. When discovering tapeworms, it is not recommended to pull it off by itself. The subject can wipe the dog with iodophor. I will meet again next time. Remember to bring a glove, put the spraying essence on the tapeworm, and then use the fine cymbals to be closer to the skin as much as possible, close the head of the tapeworm, and carefully pull out the tapeworm vertically. External spraying directly remembers the wound and remembers the wound. The above techniques are too professional. Be careful to take the dog directly to the hospital to operate the veterinarian. The pulled ticks should be soaked in alcohol or burned to avoid biting others again.

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