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  1. The price of aircraft animal consignment is generally about 10 yuan/kg. At the airport, you will ask you to bring your pets for quarantine, quarantine costs 20 ~ 30 yuan. The quarantine certificate should be attached to the transportation form. When consignment of consignment of goods, whether it is necessary to apply for premium or insurance, it is based on the principle of voluntary consignor. The railway does not force the preservation transportation or cargo transportation insurance in any way. However, starting from the interests of the shipper and the consignee, the preservation transportation should be handled. Because the consignor requires railway transportation companies to send the goods to the station safely, quickly, and economically. On the other hand, when the cargo damage is poor, it always hopes to get the compensation that is closest to the price of the goods, and the insured transportation can more solve the above problems. Transport attention: 1. The transportation of hazardous chemicals should have a fixed vehicle and professional driver, escort, loading and unloading workers, and the driver’s license, escort certificate, and quasi -transportation permit must be complete; Driving and stopping. 2. We must do a good job of daily maintenance, maintenance, and testing of hazardous chemical transport vehicles to prevent damaged vehicles from being put into operation. Ensure that the condition of the vehicle meets the safety requirements, especially the safety protection device must maintain good performance. With a shading, rainproof, anti -disappearance equipment or equipment, the exhaust pipe is equipped with effective insulation and offering Mars device. The banner of the word “dangerous goods”. The above content reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Consignment

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