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  1. It is usually 500 ~ 1,000 yuan. Air China pets are as follows: Pet aviation freight: generally 25 yuan / kg, cities such as northeast, northwest, etc. are based on 30 yuan / kg. Because the price of airlines often changes, the specific price consultation is consulting the local branch; 2. The cost of buying pet air boxes: Pets add 5kg to the first weight of the first heavy price, but the minimum charging standards of different airlines in different cities are different. Consumption is 750 yuan, and Guiyang’s minimum consumption is 550 yuan. Specific charging standards are recommended to consult the local branch to verify. 3. There is no minimum consumption standard for random ways. The charging is calculated according to the route distance. Pets are about 350 yuan for a flight time below 5kgc, about 3 hours of flight time, about 450 yuan for flight time, about 450 yuan, and about 450 yuan for flight time. The flight time is about 500 yuan at about 5 hours; the above price is for reference only, without the cost of cage and on -site delivery.

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